Light's Hope Chapel guards

Do they even do anything? Horde camp the flight path non stop but the guards ignore them. :disappointed:

They don’t like alliance.

Pretty sure it’s based off of your rep. If they’re at a higher level than you, guards are less likely to attack.

They’re voyeurs.

They like to just watch.


Even NPCs know that some people aren’t worth saving…

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So levelers who are neutral with them are SOL?


November 8, 2019 WoW Classic Guards will now correctly be more willing to assist players in PvP combat who have Friendly or higher standing with them. However, they will continue to not assist players with Neutral standing.

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They still don’t help me and I am almost half way through revered

I always felt like those two roam and whoever initiates an attack that’s within their aggro range, they’ll turn hostile and go after said person.

They attack me any time I even defend myself.

They literally never touch alliance.

That’s been my experience, at least.