Lightforged Draenei and Void Elves are kind of a problem…

Alleria has gone several steps beyond void elves when it comes to infusion.

And one interaction as an example does not mean you can categorically dismiss the possibility of the forces working together. That’s a logical leap that is unsupported.

I’d have loved to of seen this, and more depth to their racial toolkit as well.

For example, imagine if their racial toolkit focused around one negative racial (Withdrawal), and then methods of coping with it?

(Forewarning: I am not a numbers person, please do not consider any numbers below meant as serious, they exist only as an idea behind the mechanics of the proposed racials)


Magic Withdrawal: Player receives 30% less healing, takes 30% more damage, and resource regeneration is cancelled.

Absorb Magic: Magical attacks against the player have a 10% chance to be absorbed, restoring 10% HP and Resource, and increasing resistance against that magic type by 10 for 30 seconds. Absorb Magic can only activate once every 2 minutes.

Sated: Upon successful use of Meditation, Drain Artifact, or Drain Creature, gain the Sated Buff for 24 hours, persisting through death. While under the effects of this buff, the effects of Magic Withdrawal are negated. If the player consumes a legendary quality item with Drain Artifact, the Sated buff will become permanent.

Meditation: (High Elf Only - 5 minute cooldown) For 5 seconds the player will Meditate, regenerating 5% of their resource every 1 seconds.

Drain Artifact: (Blood Elf and High Elf - 5 minute cooldown) Drain an artifact of it’s magical power, and gain a potential buff based on the item’s rarity.
Uncommon - Gain 2% max HP and Resource for 10 minutes.
Rare - Gain 5% Max HP and Resource, and +10 to all Resistances for 1 hour.
Epic - Gain 10% Max HP and Resource, and +50 to all Resistances for 2 hours.
Legendary - (only usable once) Gain a permanent 5% boost to Max HP, Mana, and all resistances. Additional effects may apply based on the Legendary item being drained.

Drain Creature: (Blood Elf Only - 5 minute cooldown) For 5 seconds, drain a target creature for mana, restoring 5% mana every 1 second.

A bit more involved and focusing entirely around the magic withdrawal the race would have suffered at the time. Drain Artifact would have some flavor items in game. Reagent vendors would sell Magic Crystals that could be drained (only in uncommon rarity). There would also be some legendary rarity items that exist solely to be drained to give a specific class a specific buff. I don’t mean equipment players would fight over either. I mean just items that’d otherwise sit in the player’s pack. Something like the Ring of the Sunwell from the RPGs, just non-equippable.


Actually, they can touch just fine, as we learn in the Pre-Shadowland’s novel. She and Turalyon are out hunting a dark ranger. They share a tent (nothing spicy) but we essentially learn they can touch just fine so long as they’re not both channeling their powers. (Edit: I re-read the chapter and they actually slept in separate tents, my bad. However, they do touch without trouble)

In that same novel, Lightforged Draenei use the Void Rifts just fine (well, other than being unnerved by them), and Alleria uses the void to pry information from the minds of several unwilling innocents while Turalyon uses the Light to keep them from injuring themselves while thrashing around from the absolute pain Alleria’s technique puts them through.

The Light and Void seemingly can and do work in tandem.


Oh, nice catch. That really does put the whole “light and void asplode” claim to bed, then.


Not really, no. Light and Void don’t work with each other on a “physical” basis. These two magical powers literally fight and negate each other. I don’t even know how you’re coming to the conclusion that Light and Void can literally mix on the spot.

It’s stated that she can’t touch him when in void form. Doesn’t have anything to do with channeling powers. Turalyon’s “light form” is basically always switched on.

And that just contradicts everything that the lore has established before, one case even in the same book.

Meanwhile we all know how little Blizzard writers do care about proper world building, logic and comprehensive lore. It’s full of plot holes, contradictions, retcons and many oversights, so in the end … anything goes. It just doesn’t matter.


Prove it?

I didn’t say that, but nothing says an infused person can’t channel another power.

Can you provide an example?

As someone who got burn from the lore of this game, let me give you some advice.

If even the people in charge of the lore and storytelling of the game don’t take lore and storytelling seriously (there are mobile games with more lore coherence than this game) so don’t take you any lore and story of the game seriously.

This game tries to be epic and over the top at the cost of its own coherence, the lore will change to what the manager wants it to change to make sense of the story he wants to tell.

Just enjoy the gameplay and the good graphics, they are the only thing this game has.

I hope you have a good day, and if you want a game with lore and meaningful storytelling I recommend you play a true RPG, or if you really want to play an MMO the option would be FF14.



It’s funny how it’s always the people who don’t know the lore or have tried to insert their own head-canon in that rant about “Blizzard doesn’t know their own lore, they don’t care, nothing matters, REEEE”

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I mean, those people aren’t wrong.

There was a changing of the guard and the new C Devs just do their own thing, retconning as they need to make their own stories work. Even with the original creators, a lot of nonsensical stuff happened just because gameplay came before lore. To this day I cannot fathom how Thrall of all people allowed a Dreadlord into the Horde in a position of authority, back in Vanilla (Varimathras). I mean, was Grom’s body even cold?! (Yes, it was, but I’m aiming for hyperbole on how ridiculous it was and contrasted to WC3’s entire story for the Horde campaign)


WoW was never 100% consistent in lore even in the past, but to this day the lore and story is only there to justify her clumsy attempt at episity, a smoke sale, that only seeks to hook and keep people talking at the margin of world coherence.

Like Sylvanas throughout BFA, they deconstructed a character to create defects that it did not have and do things that the original character would not have done, all wrapped in smoke and under the expectation of “what will happen”.

They even changed what happened in their short story, without even changing the short story! and it is post in the web, at least when I check on him during SL. :man_shrugging:

Or a more recent case that does not require too much history, the final cinematic of aberrus when you go with Alesxtraza, a cinematic that tries to be epic and bring a closure. The only problem is that we never got to grips with why we went there in the first place, Fyrakk.

Lazy :ox: :poop: that tries to be epic just to be epic without making sense with the general environment.

This game does not live up to the first word of its name “World”.


Really the only really dumb, nonsensical, lore breaking combo left is void elf paladins. (And to some degree undead)
So i hope paladin is the next class given out to everyone. Just rip that bandaid off and then the arguing can stop.

It of course wont make the combo less awful, but it will be here and so people can come to terms with it.


I agree. I would play an Undead Paladin.

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That’s literally what the beginning of Chronicles 1 is saying.

So two people with Light and Void can’t touch each other when their magical powers are present, but somehow Light can be channeled through a completely Void infused body? You see the contradiction, don’t you?

What we were talking about. Light and Void can’t touch, but then a Lightforged can use a void portal because the plot needs it to happen and the writer probably forgot about it. That’s what happens in some badly written TV shows or movies sometimes.

Or they just forgot. Garrosh and Stonetalon Mountain, eh? Different writers write different stuff in WoW and they just didn’t communicate with each other. And authors of the WoW books often just have a shallow understanding of the lore. I’m still a bit annoyed at the pre-BfA novel because Christie Golden obviously thought that the Netherlight Temple (order hall of priests) was just lightflooded halls of holy priests, which is not the case at all.

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The bit about Light and Void clashing as over-arching forces of nature at the beginning of the universe? Yeah, not quite the same scenario chief.

No, because you’re making up rules about “channeling through a body” that are not present in canon.

You don’t get to handwave away things that are actually stated and set down in paper because they don’t support your head-canon.

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People think this because many years ago the paladin page used to say that.

But it’s been along time ago. Like, probably the Cata version of the website. Since then it hasn’t been mentioned again.

When arcane magic is channeled, the sorcerer’s eyes begin to glow, which we already saw with Jaina for example plus the whole body gets corrupted when wielding too much. The states of corruption are ingame lore through books in Dalaran.
When fel magic is channeled frequently, the body gets also corrupted and alters with time.
When Void/Shadow magic is channeled frequently, the sorcerer also gets corrupted over the time and falls victim to madness. Only those with huge discipline are able to wield these kind of magicks.
When Undead channel Light magic, it’s accompanied by intense pain and in some cases some Undead start to get a bit of their senses back.

So no, stop pretending like this is some kind of headcanon without any basis. The magic affects the body heavily, especially with frequent use and that’s not possible if the magic is just hovering over their fingers without any contact.

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I’m just going to sit here and break all your lore and love it.


Void elves could have had such cool customization if people weren’t frothing at the mouth over high elves.


I believe Lightforged and Velf should have only been able to use classes with compatible forms of magic and had forced re-skinned spells showing the Light/Void mixed into their spellwork.
Like Y’mera had on Argus. Light can mix with Arcane, and can probably mix with elemental energies. Void can mix with Fel, but it’s dangerous. Velf essentially should have been using Shadowflame as warlocks and mages since their inception.

Oh, and of course, LF and Velf priest should have had their Shadow and Holy/Disc specs completely reskinned for each other to entirely remove Void and Light for their respective races.

It’s not pretending :dracthyr_shrug:

There’s basis for magic having physical effects, yes. Is there a hard and unbendable rule that “infused creatures will explode if they use another of the six powers”? Obviously not, since we have countless examples of that not happening.

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