Lightforged Draenei and Void Elves are kind of a problem…

I just want to be clear, I am NOT speaking to the quality of any of the Allied Races.

However, THEMATICALLY the Lightforged Draenei and Void Elves both suffer from the same issue, albeit in opposite ends of the spectrum.

The Lightforged Draenei are not a “race” at all. The Draenei aren’t even a “race”, they’re just a small group of Eredar that fled Argus in the distant past. And the Lightforged are an even smaller group of those Eredar who only just recently performed a ritual to INFUSE their bodies with the power of the Light.

They are, in essence and all practically, a “race” of Paladins.

Like Paladins, they’ve not only recently performed a ritual of devotion to the Light, but their bodies are physically infused with it, just as Paladins’ are. This would likely make them immune to plague, and also make it physically impossible to empower themselves with other forms of magic.

This is obviously problematic.

Void Elves suffer much the same fate, their bodies being warped and seemingly infused by the Void.

That would make things equally unstable to wield any other forms of magic.

I’m both instances, you’re essentially putting the player race in a very different starting point than other races. While I do not imagine the Draenei would ever produce nor allow a Warlock within their culture, it is at least TECHNICALLY possible.

The same isn’t necessarily true of a number of Lightforged or Void Elf class combos.

So, I would strongly encourage rebranding both “Allied Races”.

In the case of the Void Elves, it’s actually a fairly simple “fix”. Simply rename them to High Elves (or something else), just something that doesn’t INHERENTLY connect the race to Void magic specifically. This would allow them to become Paladins, which is obviously Blizzard’s end goal for “All races as All classes”.

It keeps them effectively the same, but doesn’t make ALL of them aligned with Void magic.

Now for the Lightforged Draenei, it’s a bit more involved — although I think either of these solutions would actually be a net positive anyways.

First solution would simply be replacing them with “Eredar”. Effectively still the Draenei model, but different customizations. Current Lightforged customizations could go to the existing Draenei (being a Light-worshipping culture already), where Eredar would get normal and Fel-themed options. It wouldn’t necessarily force then into being Light or Fel aligned, but just giving those options. I’d probably rebrand the racials, or at least change the ions and visuals.

Another option — one FAR more involved, though arguably cooler — would be to replace them with the Broken. While they aren’t necessarily my cup of tea, I think they would still make a great addition.

In either case, you’d have to update their opening voice-overs.

For the “High Elves” (or whatever you might call them), just say they fought alongside Alleria, they followed her into the dangerous places among the stars, and some have begun hearing whispers questioning their sanity. Effectively the same, but not inherently poisoning the well.

For “Eredar”, you’d just change it that when the Army of Light arrived, some among the Legion’s ranks defected to rejoin their former brothers and sisters. Together, they fight under their ancestral name of Eredar…”, something like that.

For the “Broken”, it’s more work but probably an easier intro, “when the first Draenei fled Argus, not all among the Eredar were so willing to serve the Burning Legion. Those who weren’t executed were forced into hiding. Countless millennia have made them ruthless survivors…”, something like that.

Ultimately, the goal is that you have races that make more sense as “being EVERY class”, which again, is obviously Blizzard’s goal right now.

It still doesn’t allow for Undead Paladins to exist (which I don’t think any amount of creative writing is going to allow), but I think this would improve these two races pretty dramatically.


I contend you haven’t looks into the lore enough. Archmage Y’mera who was a mage even prior to her Lightforging is just as capable in the magic arts afterwards.

Are they closer to the Light than before? yes! Does it stop them from doing other from of magic? No.

I’m sure if we got Illidan Lightforged he’d lose a lot of his Fel power if not entirely but he’d keep his incredibly powerful magical abilities that he had prior to his transformation.


This is fan-canon, not established fact.


Lowkey “erase void elf” thread?

Shame on you.


Ahh a Maldazzar thread.

Don’t listen to what Blizzard says about their own lore, listen to what he says about it.


Ah, it’s one of those threads. Mute and move on people.


As a void elf, im gonna have to decline this offer.


I am personally of the opinion that the Lightforged Draenei and the Void elves cease to be separate races. Instead, a player character of ANY race could be able to go through the rituals to join their ranks. By doing this some unique options should open up and others close down. Something like Lightforged cannot be fel or void aligned so no warlocks, demon hunters or shadow priests for them. Voidsworn would work the same way so no paladins, holy priests or druids. Each of the powers could then have their own power infused version associated with them. But care need to be made so people still mostly roll normal characters.


Youre just begging for another tree to be torched right now… :fire:


Don’t worry. With my system you would be a voidsworn highelf. No real difference. But you would start to see voidsworn from other races as well.

Light forged and void elf were problematic in the first place in my opinion. Their inception was lazy and void elves were basically blizzard’s way of giving in to alliance players’ desire to have a belf model race, because… well… we belves are awesome. All of the allied races are just lazy reshades of existing races, the only ones even remotely unique in model design being the kul tiran and zanadalar trolls, but still - just barely.

“But new racials!!!” Cool?

Now we have a bloated customization system that cheapens every single aspect of the customization in the game, in my opinion.

There is no uniqueness, especially with blizzard clearly pushing closer to a “every race can be every class” outcome, but that’s a whooooole other can of worms.


Much as I want Broken/Krokul, I don’t think changing the Allied Races in this manner helps.

I still feel the best option is to combine core and allied races and let players choose their racial nameplate, and let that determine their racials.

That having been said, I do agree that Void Elves and Lightforged Draenei share a problem of basically being walking, talking iterations of cosmic forces. It’s quite limiting to their narrative potential.


A Lightforged Draenei and a Void Elf shake hands.





Kinda like how Kul Tiran were almost Vrykul

And Mechagnomes were almost the actual Mechagnomes we met in Ulduar

Blizzard has a neat habit of almost giving Alliance what they ask for.

edit: also, I want to make sure you’re aware that your character name is pronounced “Pless”.


Imagine if they had given in to allowing highelves in the Allience years ago. A lot of this dancing around could be avoided. We do after all have the pandaren and the draktyr that can choose what side to be on. As for as I am concerned the bloodelves are a subfaction of highelves. It could then just be a choice on what side to be on. Imagine if character creation was moved back in time to just when the Scourge begin to attack Quel’Thalas. Your initial eye color choice is locked at arcane blue, and you fight for your survival. In the end you reached safety somewhere with groups of others. Then you choose to go in exile with the Allience or Stay in Quel’Thalas under the new regime. If you stay the last thing, we see is a cinematic when your character goes up to a fel crystal and feed from it, turning the eyes green. Then we timeskip to current time and you can alter your eyes at the barbershop if you please.


Yes, but no one else knows the pronunciation. So it shall stand

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I think they should have had high elves as well. Void elves were such a stretch and kind of cringe in concept to be honest. Blizzard was running out of ideas. It felt like a 12 year old was asked “what would be cool to have?” And then they just ran with it. But hey, people will disagree with me on this because… “ooooo purple shiny!”


They sure loved to fill the gameworld with Alliance loyal highelves but nope, not as playable. It would be cool now with cross faction guilds to create a pair, a highelf and a bloodelf that are siblings, or spouses.


It’s actually canon. When Light and Void clash at the same time, there’s an extremely unstable reaction and we know for a fact that Alleria and Turalyon can’t really touch each other because they’re both highly infused with light and void. So no, with logical thinking it shouldn’t be possible at all for a Lightforged to go into dispersion or shadowform.


The latest Warlock quest even denounces this fanon!