LGBTQIA+ Megathread Discussion Lounge (Continued)

LGBTQIA+ Mega Thread and Lounge CONTINUED

Continuation of our previous Lounge thread<33

The intent of this threads remains which is for LGBTQIA+ players of WoW to engage in discussion about game related things and shared experiences.

Examples of such acceptable topics listed below:

  • LGBTQIA+ visibility days and issues.
  • Characters like Flynn and Shaw, Pelagos, and so on.
  • Sharing experiences and stories
  • Seeking and finding LGBTQ+ friendly guilds, communities, servers, and discords.

Unacceptable topics include but are not limited to:

  • Complaints about “politics”, “shoving it down our throats”, “SJW’S”, etc.
  • Phobic behavior.
  • Trans exclusionary takes.

If you are someone who hates LGBTQIA+ people, I would ask that you simply mute the thread and let us discuss in peace.

We do also have a discord for anyone seeking a friendly LGBTQIA+ community of WoW players, many of us are from the forums / twitter

EDIT to mods: Thank you for having the system continuing the mega thread (didn’t know that when I made this) was hoping if this info / OP could be added to the system one <3 appreciated


Oh shiny new thread!


Rip the old thread find it amusing that it actually managed go over the 20000 limit before being closed though.

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I just seen it capped out and was like no but I’m glad it’s back up here so yay. :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse:

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I wonder if this one or the other continuation will take off.

Sweet that was a quick turn over

Doesn’t matter to me ^^ but its cool to know the system kicks in like that


Yeah it didn’t used to, so that’s interesting.

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This one hopefully :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

Also didn’t realise there was a discord might join it later or now looking for any excuse to not que up for a leveling dungeon and try tanking since hitting lvl 60 Anxiety around it all is really bad :dracthyr_uwahh_animated:

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I like this one more.

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I feel bad because how was I supposed to know 1 min after the system would kick in :sob:

Ah well, tbh it doesn’t matter to me but would be nice if they do continue the other one that it adjusts the acronym to LGBTQIA+ since if I was writing a paper that would be the version I would use idk small critique I guess

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And add the discord link…

I had no idea, it never did in tge other threads I’ve seen capped. I feel like a real person ahould be in charge of the OP though, for edits etc.

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Yeah… Not giving the community control seems blehk to me.

Same, so I really hope this one is kept instead.

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Yeah I’d prefer this one.

I appreciate blizzard mods giving us the leg up but the OP on the Auto made one is lacking severely.

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I’ll just keep posting in here!

Welp joined the Discord to a ton of welcomes and of course this has already been flagged

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I’m out of likes ): otherwise I’d like your posts <3 but yeah flagged, though I’m sure Blizz can see it was an accident because … how do u even predict that lol

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