LGBTQ+ Pride Month - In Game Activities Suggestions

Just a heads up. You being gay lends no credence to your opinion on this topic!

Well that thumbnails gonna haunt me o,O

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I’m just gonna heart u every time I see you now brother

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Because if you posted there you might not get the personal attention you crave.


Oh and that’s all I’ll be giving you here. Muted kthxbye.


Just an FYI for people who want to ignore certain trolls:

  1. Click on your profile icon
  2. Click on the person icon on the right side
  3. Click on preferences
  4. Click on Users under Notification
  5. Add the users you want to ignore and never see another post from again

That will take care of troll posts from people who make new threads due to the inactivity of previous threads.


If their profile is hidden, quote them, copy their name-realm name.

Go to your profile properties, users, and add their names manually.


This is a great idea OP!

You should list off some of your ideas to help blizzard make this a reality!

It’s clear you want to do more for this community than backseat gaming, so please take the reins and help bring this stuff together!

Hey look! He made an alt!


Someone else already took the reins sorry.

Thank you. So sick of these stupid posts.

Or, just click their avatar, select ‘View Activity’, then in the upper right corner, click ‘Normal’, then either mute or ignore them.

If they’ve hidden their forum profile, then yeah, do it your way.

Yeah - hence the “certain” trolls :wink:

What we really need is a special Olympics month. All mouse and move buttons must be done with feet rather than hands.

Because no one in game cares what you do in your own bedroom.

Report as Inappropriate.
Move on.

Why would there be a LGBTQ+ pride event in Azeroth when LGBTQ+ is canonically normalized in Azeroth?

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The same reason why the Mexican day of the dead rl holiday is in the game despite Mexico not existing in Warcraft: fun!

It’s not a Mexican holiday in WoW. It actually has lore that ties it to Azeroth.

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Please never accuse me of being OP again

That guy just wants to cause trouble

That’s apple & orange comparison.