LGBTQ+ Pride Month - In Game Activities Suggestions

I’m very excited to have Pride month coming up in June and I’m curious to know if Blizzard has any in-game plans for their games. Pride month should be a calendar event for World of Warcraft that celebrates the lgbt movement, stories and characters. Some of the characters include Shaw/Flynn, Qadarin and Thiernax just to name a few. I’ve always wanted Blizzard to celebrate pride month in-game, especially with J Allen Brack sporting his pride shirt at the most recent Blizzcon, why not show support through in-game activities?

These can include Stormwind/Org Fireworkds, NPC parades, etc… There should be a vendor that sells pride shirts, toys, tabards, transmogs,etc… This could be a very fun event that happens every June. What does everyone think of this idea? I’m hoping to share this early so Blizzard can really think about this and I hope it gets considered!

Here is a video with those unaware of pride month and want to learn more about it:


I don’t believe we should have this as an event that is hosted ingame but I’m sure there will be plenty of activities the LGBTQ+ community can host in remembrance and celebration of the strides they have made in equality over the last few decades.


I plan on hosting some in game events myself but it would be nice to have a month celebrating pride month even if it’s just a few day event. Mr J Allen Brack seems to be more supportive of the lgbt community and I think he would love the idea of such an event.

I think he’d be in support of the moment ofcourse. However it remains undetermined if as a company they would make the decision to put this as an ingame event.

Not so much that as a westerner there is an issue but to make the game marketable to a wider audience. The current references for the most part are innocuous - no one is really going to make a comment about a stag kissing a unicorn.

Can’t wait to see if it actually happens.


I will only believe you after you make another dozen threads.

However, there are more pressing world issues that should be addressed first.
Examples? Sure.

  • Breast cancer for women. Prostate cancer for me.
  • Single Parents.
  • War Veterans and PTSD
  • Mental health awareness.
    and more.

So once important topics are addressed and brought awareness to, then we can move to self-expression.

There you go! Blizzard first needs to at least address existing events that have been untouched for past 10 years, then add important ones, then add events celebrating LGBTQ and Straight communities (Equality…ouch).


You can make your own thread if you want to raise awareness for those issue, not derail the current thread.


I tHink you make good suggestions for other potential events that could be added to the game. I’d be willing to support the ones you mentioned but I also think it’s important to include pride month as one of the important ones. Not saying one is more important than the other, but any ideas are welcome :+1:

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Not saying you can’t… Just asking why you can’t upkeep one thread of your own with your ideas and such?

A lot of people seem to think you’re trolling by continuing to spam threads. I support LGBTQ+ 100% gay and proud myself… But this is just trolling. Keep it to one thread and stop making yourself look bad. It’s the wrong kind of attention to crave. It’s just odd.


I disagree, I’m free to make as many threads as I’ve never once spammed. Back to the thread, I hope Blizzard is reading this and has something planned for June. It’s a couple months away… plenty of time to add anything!

OK… exactly what in game events to you propose to host yourself?

What dates/times?

What locations?

What are the nature of the events and what server will they be on?

Details please. Put your $$$ where your mouth is.


Why does it matter? I plan on making some type of event and hoping others participate as well. This thread is about giving Blizzard ideas to create a yearly calendar event, for everyone to participate.

Just trying to give you a chance to prove you aren’t a troll who is actively working to damage LGBTQ+ causes. Ah well. No one takes you seriously anyway.


man they called out op so fast that i didn’t even get a chance to get the popcorn!

Well anyways, heres to the pride month and that they get a wonderful time in these times of day.


Agreed, I made this post a couple months before it happenes to hopefully prepare Blizzard in advance.

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And I know you know

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Why are you trying to derail the thread?


I’m not interested in another players megathread. Stop spamming my thread with this link.

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All absolutely more pressing concerns. However, you didn’t mention a few others. For instance:

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Wait, what? It’s not a bird? But . . . you can cut it into little wedges that kinda look like wings, kinda . . .

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