LGBTQ+ Pride Month - In Game Activities Suggestions

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Well, I mean, if you’re hoping others will participate in your event(s), these are the sort of questions you’re going to need to answer if you want to drum up any interest at all. Otherwise, you’re going to be standing there by yourself, and I’m not convinced that constitutes an ‘event’.


Wrong. I’m not obligated to answer anyone’s questions. This thread is to support the idea of a once a year holiday pride event in-game. Tahbitha just wants to derail my thread with questions not pertaining to the discussion. The entire idea is to have Blizzard make this event a server-wide one a year event that everyone can participate in.

Do it yourself. Tell everyone what you have in mind, get them to want to participate. Show Blizzard what an awesome and popular idea you’ve had, and make them want to do it.

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I definitely will try :+1:. I do hope Blizzard realizes that pride is a very important event and does something fun and exciting for pride month.

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Well you can always promote and host your own events to celebrate it. But Blizzard has never had any official events for Pride month in the past and if they were going to, it would have been already been mentioned.


There should be a vendor that sells pride shirts, toys, tabards, transmogs,etc

A trans flag tabard would be based

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I do not post many videos, but I strongly suggest watching this then downloading the Addon TRP3. It is easy to use and you and anybody else that wishes to participate can do whatever you want together. The first nine minutes can give you an idea of how to have your event given it is general RP background, You can also set up events with anybody else that is interested and is in the loop. People that are not interested do not need to download it, or if they use it for other purposes, can still let you know they are not interested.

After that is the addon and how to use it.

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There are servers and guilds that do this already. Have you tried the guild recruitment section? Or a server like, I don’t Know… Proudmoore?

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So you should be writing/emailing/contacting Blizz, not the player base. The players can’t implement or make this decision, only Blizz can.

honestly i think the community should make events more so than blizzard just so you can give that sense of community more than blizzard is gonna give you a PR stunt

Where is the thread where players can vote to have an event for Pride month?

If we add special events for pride month what about all the other noteworthy days in the year? Seems like a very slippery slope in regards to what needs to be added and what doesn’t.

Feb 4th - World Cancer Day
Feb 15th - International Child cancer day
Feb 28th - Rare Disease Day

March 4th - International HPV awareness day
Marth 8th - International Womens day

The list goes on and on, if we need an event/day for each of these important events shouldn’t we get a day for International Womens/Mens day? (equality yikes)

Why isn’t the entire April a huge event for Testicular cancer month? Are all the major cancers less important? :fishing_pole_and_fish:


Where do you plan on organizing this? I’d like to attend! Is there a list I could be on?

i’ll do you one better, how about we turn this into a dancing thread?
I’ll go first!

I don’t believe you. Every post from you on my threads has been calling me a troll and being disingenuous. I’d happily think about inviting you if you apologize for your past actions.

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