LFRP Guild (H) Caravan or otherwise Neutral Theme

Yep. As the title says, I’m looking for an RP guild for this character. IC-wise, he’s a scout and marksman in-training, curious and still largely ignorant of much of the wide world (all those years in a bubble city, after all).

I’ve kept this character lore-abiding as possible: he was of the lowest caste in Suramar-- basically working class who spent his life as a servant or wine field worker, street sweeper, etc. However, he got into some major trouble during the Legion occupation when he attempted (and failed) to kill a Felsworn captain. Exiled, left to wither, nearly did, etc-- Currently, Syrendrel has no desire to return to Suramar or his former life. He does hold a bit of a grudge against the social elites of Suramar, as he (wrongly or not) believes the vast majority of them to have been traitors and sell-outs to the Legion. Otherwise, he’s got a slightly sarcastic personality, but isn’t cruel, power-hungry, or looking for a dark/criminal career or anything like that.

OOC-wise: I’m a mom and have a busy family life, so my play times are usually after 8pm EST when everything has settled down for the day. I’m not huge into raiding or Mythic at end game, as I just don’t have time for it, and prefer to do casual stuff like BGs or transmog runs or RP, etc. I like to consider myself pretty mellow and too tired for OOC drama, so any guild that’s just chill and mature and has some RP going on, I’d love to find Syrendrel a home.

Please no military, crime, or gung-ho Sylvanas/war guilds. Nothing wrong with those themes, but it’s just not what I’m looking for right now :slight_smile:

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If you haven’t checked out the Horde Guild Directory already, then give it a shot!

Based on what you’re looking for, I’d recommend you check out Waning Crescent Caravan. They sound like a pretty good fit from what I’ve seen of them.

Or even Brightmoon Faire. You said your character’s a marksman? You could be security or do a trickshooting show, Annie Oakley style!

I’d have recommended my own guild, Firebrand Enterprises, but some of the characters might be a bit too willing to “compromise their ethics” in pursuit of profit for Syrendrel’s tastes from what I can gather. Still, it can’t hurt to look!

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Thanks for the info! Will check the links out later tonight!