LFM casual players

Hey all! We have a very small and extremely casual group and would like to add 2-3 more players. Again we are very casual, but an active group.

We try to do a few key runs now and then, but to be very honest we only do that because the ilvl gear is so easy to get out in the world via WQ and the warfront. We like to group for the assualts, sometimes we group just to do WQ’s, and we run islands together. When we can, we hit the LFR together as well.

We like to do stuff together, learn from each other, and just play to have a good time. It would be great to add another 2-3 casual players to our mix. I know there are still alot of seasoned players out there sitting in a dead guild who would like to have the old school feel when they log into the game. We might be a good fit.

Look me up in game - Luxlusis