LFG Tool - Roles need to be class enforced

On the new Junk LFG Tool, this line sticks out:

So does this mean a Mage can sign up as a tank? A warrior can go heals? I really hope that you’re actually meaning:

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No they really don’t need to be class based.

Just since someone signs up nothing is making you take them in this system you only see them if they are a mage signed up to tank just skip them. The whole point of there new system as much as id rather just have lfg is to have people make there own groups as such like the m plus group tool in retail you pick who you take. As such no real need to limit who can sign up as a role as you just don’t take them.

Also shouldent be spec locked as a geared dk for example can tank in any spec for 5 mans. Pally I’ve seen rets tank just fine in wrath even overgeared same with warrior and druid.

For this I agree, 100%. But I disagree that the LFG tool should be filled with mages in tanking spots, because that’s going to create the booster spam we’re all trying to get away from.

It’s not going to create boost spam.

That’s going to be there either way.

There is no harm in allowing any class to sign as any role and there is positives of allowing people to make unique groups if they want to eg 1 tank 4 dps with the “healer” being a dps that dosent have a heal spec. Or 5 dps that are overgeared eg a mage woth 4 warlocks using blizzard.

There is 0 reason to add limitations. The reason you gave of boost spam is not one as that dose nothing to prevent boost spam as they would just post there role as dps and spam just the same changing nothing.

If you want to address boost spam you address boost spam not remove things from normal players.

Or allowing people to sign up with random other people “as a healer”, without having that spec, then the group falling apart because the person signing up as a healer simply wanted faster entry to the group than their DPS role would allow.

Your example is a complete non factor and shows you haven’t bothered to even look up the info we have on the system.

In order for that to happen the group leader would of had to of invited that player and further not removed that player letting the group fall apart. The issue here is the group leader not the system.

This system is not limiting the group leaders power on any way you can kick anyone for any reason at any time. Same with you ge to pick who to invite for any reason. As such you can skip then if there a mage as a tank role if you are wanting to.

All your asking them to do is exactly what the blue post said they don’t plan to do and stifle gameplay calls. There is 0 reason to be doing so when they are leaving 100 percent of the power to make groups in the group leaders hands and complete power to manage the group.

So if you had a group needing a healer, and you said LF1M Healer, and a mage whispered you and said I’ll heal, you would invite them? And then go to the dungeon? And then get surprised the mage doesn’t even have First Aid skill learned?

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If I joined a group as a Tank that has a “healer” in it, because the leader decided that tanks don’t need healers and we can do it without one, and if we can’t it’s the tanks fault… yeah I’d be surprised.

The new LFG tool is going to be be covered with mage “tanks” posting their prices. Hey, if they can’t post in chat anymore, where do you think it’s going to be dumped? Honestly though, I don’t think Blizzard will ever enforce chat rules. It’s been prohibited for a long time now post that crap but if you report people they don’t do anything about it. This is probably why they plan to nerf snares/roots on mobs. If they want to stop it, it has to be in combat, not just a silly chat rule no one enforces.

Can’t wait to queue as “healer” on my blood knight btw.

I mean, even in Phase 1, I’ve run a few dungeons like Steam Vaults with 4 dps and a tank. But if I joined a heroic group with 4 DPS. I wouldn’t even try. I know my tanking is nothing without the backing of a healer.

If we we’re getting the 3.0 build, probably wouldn’t be too inaccurate

Where did Blizzard say they’d do anything about chat spam? They just repeated the tired old “Please report it” meme that results in no action.

Right, and as a tank, when people have tried that, I’ve left in disgust. Not because I couldn’t do it, but because that wasn’t what I signed up for. That sort of thing is best kept for friends and guildies, not random pugs you have no idea about.

Nothing stops people making these groups directly, but a tool that allows it with random strangers is going to do far more for people hating dungeons than any LFD tool would.

In wotlk, the RDF tool didnt stop a shadow priest from signing up as a healer or a ret paladin signing up as a tank.

Yeah, but that’s because those classes can spec that way and have a Dual Spec, so they couldn’t tell.

I’m specifically saying allow that, but disallow non-healer classes from signing up as healers, and non-tank classes from signing up as tanks.

It’s an extremely low bar and they still failed to clear it.

I swear this is making a mountain of a molehill. I’d be surprised if I found a legitimate group of players who abuse this by trying to trick someone to join their healerless, tankless, or dpsless group by mislabeling themselves on purpose.

I find it more likely that a tank and healer friend group start a group in the finder selling the DPS slots than a group of 4 dps looking for a tank for heroic dungeon with no healer.

Drain’s take is probably right. You’ll probably see a ton of “tanks” LF a party, so when you mouse over their entry, you get to see their advertisement. That could be a good reason to limit it. And adding a level requirement to enter the content makes it so you can post an entry so a level 1 paladin doesn’t advertise his mage boosting services. Not to prevent this 4 dps, 1 tank cheese strat