LFG terms explained

Dire Maul you have to tell what side you are doing or what run you are doing there for Dire maul is DM/E DM/W DM/N or DM/T and dead mines is just DM its realy not that hard to tell when people are looking for Deadmines if they say just DM its deadmines if they add an E,W,N or T to the end of it then they are looking for diremaul.


That is totally incorrect.

Every dungeon and raid in the game is referred to by an abbreviation without exception.

The reason deadmines is referred to as VC is because BLIZZARD messed up and made two dungeons with the same initials.

Just breathe and accept it.

It’s not a big deal.

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Oh right! I suppose you correct all those people using “OOM” with, “LOM”


LOM, with official source.


I fail to see how “out of mana” and “low on mana” are the same :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now you’re just arguing nonsense. We know why you’re attempting to call DM VC. But it’s wrong, and a confusing, arbitrary aberration.

Deadmines has been Deadmines or DM since Vanilla on every server I played on. Those calling it VC are in the extreme minority, and wrong.


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It was VC on my server in Vanilla.

Also you should probably read what I’m saying. Every single dungeon and raid in the game is referred to via abbreviation and you know this.


They aren’t. I get that they “could” each have their use, but I have never, in the history of my playing WoW seen people use LOM as common parlance.

Recently, I have seen (very occasionally) people use VC awkwardly, usually in conjunction with DM, e.g."LFG DM (vc)"

My point was that it isn’t used.


I should mention that this is my first Alliance character, so I don’t claim any historic authority on the matter.

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Valid point.

I would say that perhaps it SHOULD be used though, at least in 5 mans :stuck_out_tongue:

Big difference in scholo if your healer has 25% or 0% mana.

Could be useful.

Yes, and the abbreviation for Deadmines is “DM”, obviously.

I think if you are completing Deadmines for the Van Cleef quest, then it makes sense either way.

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and your ignoring the fact that diremaul has wing east west north and tribute runs AKA DME, DMW, DMN, DMT. were as deadmines does not and only has one type of run aka DM

I don’t understand why there are so many that insist on rabidly calling VC DM.

There’s just no point to it. VC is just a faster and less confusing way to immediately communicate since the LFG channel is both global and level blind.

You’d think it’s a racist slur or something, the way some people defend calling it DM, so that we can have 5 “DM” types in the LFG channel.

Like… what dog do they have in the fight?


[quote=“Glaive-kirtonos, post:32, topic:408615”]
VC is just a faster and less confusing

It was quite confusing to me, prior to completing the Alliance quests. I certainly wouldn’t call any instance by the name of one of its bosses. My preference is Deadmines.

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Understandable, but try to look at it this way.

There are already 4 “DM” abbreviations in the LFG channel, DME, DMN, DMW, and DMtrib.

Do we really need to add to that by mixing in a low level dungeon by just calling it DM?

Again, I’m not saying that instances SHOULD be called by the name of their last boss, only that blizzard messed up in releasing two instances of vastly different levels (one with 3 wings and 2 methods of completion for 1) with the same initials.

We wouldn’t call it VC apart from this.

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It isn’t confusing for me, and the first I ever heard of Deadmines being referred to as VC was on the Classic forums. I played Beta.


That’s fine, and I don’t discount your experience or that of anyone else. But I did play on a major server in vanilla and it was called VC from as early as patch 1.4 when I started.

I don’t really know what else to say.

It is just a way to rapidly clear away confusion for people.


FWIW, I don’t find VC confusing at all either :slight_smile:


Now though, I would as a Horde player. If someone were spamming LFG for VC as a Horde, I’d be surprised if anyone knew what they meant.


I did that on my shaman and it went pretty well. Seems many people have played both by now, thank god for that.

Edit: I also got Smite’s hammer which was awesome but also pissed me off because I’ve never gotten it on an alliance toon.

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In any case, I’ve always used, “Deadmines” for the instance, when advertising in LFG.

I had it on Holymary. It’s a pretty nice 2 handed mace for that level!

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

I’m mainly trying to figure out why some people are so rabidly against calling it VC.

It’s always seemed pretty common alliance side to me to do so, in vanilla, private servers, AND classic.

I don’t get the offense they take. You’d think it’s kicking their dog or calling their mom something untoward.

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