LFG terms explained

Hi, I’m quite new to Classic WoW and I wonder if someone could explain some of the terms used by people looking for players in game chat.

I wrote down a number of them so I could ask. i know I could ask in chat but I guess I am a bit concerned people would think I was an idiot. Sometimes things that are obvious to most people aren’t that way if you are newish.

If they concern particular instances or raids, if you could say what they refer to and if something special is required to do them (other than level of course). I know sometimes activities in the game are better done by a class so it would help if I knew that for when my character is high enough to do them.

So some examples are:

DM (W/N)
Strat UD
Mara Princess

I’m assuming UBRS is Upper Blackrock Spire.

Are there any other examples I should know about? I know WC is Wailing Caverns, Stocks is Stockade and RFC is Ragefire Chasm because they are lower level and sort of easy to figure out.



These usually refer to instances that have multiple parts:

VC - Van Cleef - deadmines. Needed because DM was taken over bi Dire Maul
DM (W/N) Dire Maul west and north wings
Strat - stratholme. There is a “live” side and a “dead” side
Mara - Mauradon - again, several wings to it.
SM - Scarlet monestary - it also has multiple wings.

There are others

Those ones you list would be:
Dire Maul (West/North)
Stratholme Undead (a specific portion of the instance, like Dire Maul West/North/East)
Blackrock Depths Ring of Law encounter/General Angerforge runs, usually only going for those two bosses for specific drops.
Maraudon - only to kill Princess Theradras specifically for her 1% hit ring.
Yes, UBRS is Upper Blackrock Spire.

Edit: No special requirements really to join one of these groups, and a mage is always good dps.

this refers to the…west wing of BRD but the runs could be Arena/Anger or Arena/Anger/Golem if healer needs his trinket or Anger only or Arena only…casters and melee want arena, melee want Anger, healers want Golem. other paths like Arena/Anger/Emp mean running to the end after Anger. Jailbreak is Ony attunment and Lavajump is MC attunment or Emp run. Princess run is Emp run with quest bonus.


Don’t be afraid to ask people in chat, homeslice. Most people are generally considerate and reasonable, and if they’re not - well, then they’re not the type of people you would want to do a dungeon with anyway, new or not.

Mages are a great class to get your introduction to dungeons. You’ll learn to DPS without pulling aggro, how to conserve mana between pulls, the basics of crowd control, and spectate what the other classes/roles are doing while you spam frostbolt.



on bloodsail buccaneers (alliance) the lfg chat is constantly arguing about whether deadmines should be VC or DM

some people call it cookie’s cove or something like that as a joke i guess

so uh…heads up/fyi

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There is nothing to argue about. DM is Deadmines.


Fixed that for you.


Only if you’re a nub.


I understand your confusion. Once you get further in the game, you’ll understand. There’s no need to thank me.


You’re welcome.


VC, with official source.

Glad I could help you with your confusion. You’re welcome!

Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to go play the game. If you’re in denial after this, unfortunately I won’t be able to help you further. Have fun. :^)


Ah, I see. You’re a prescriptivist.

DM(E,N,W) refers to the wing of Dire Maul. Like Scarlet Monastery, DM is actually 3 separate dungeons. You may also see “DM trib” or “tribute,” which refers to a special way to do DMN without killing several bosses, that causes a chest to spawn at the end of the dungeon with powerful loot in it.

Strat or Strath UD refers to “Stratholme - undead side.” There is also a “Scarlet” or “Living” side of that same dungeon. Although technically the same dungeon, Strath is so large that it is never run in it’s entirety.

Arena / Anger is doing two easily reached bosses in BRD (Blackrock Depths) to farm some very powerful drops. This is very annoying, don’t do this unless you personally need the gear from this. Standard BRD is the longest dungeon in the game but is quite fun and rewarding. Strongly recommend you stick to full BRD runs.

Mara princess refers to speed running the last boss in Maraudon because she has some overpowered drops.

Edit: VC refers to the deadmines, a low level alliance dungeon, because the last boss is named VanCleef.

This is because the abbreviation DM is superseded by Dire Maul.

Edit 2: Also OP, if you are new to Classic, I would strongly recommend getting the Atlasloot mod, this will give you a drop-down menu of every dungeon and boss in the game along with what they drop and how likely each item is to drop.

This will greatly help you in figuring these things out as you go and also let you know what you can get from where.

Absolutely love this comment. :heart_eyes:

Fake news! If you read your own link, it only claims the two terms are “sometimes used interchangeably”, not that it is correct to do so. VC is only referenced to mean Van Cleef, which is correct.

It doesn’t even include the term “DM”, which is nonsense, as whichever side of the fence you’re on, DM is clearly used.


No need to bring this debate into this thread and risk confusing the OP.

At the end of the day, it’s Blizzard’s fault for releasing two dungeons with the same initials, and DM has rights to the initials because it is a max level and therefore more relevant dungeon, as well as the /lookingforgroup channel being global and level-blind.

VC=deadmines, DM = Dire Maul, nice, simple, and clean.


That’s awesome. I had fun raiding with my guild in Ragnaros on the weekend by the way. I also can’t wait for the release of Nefarian! Now that’s a dungeon.


This is disingenuous and a straw man argument, since no other two dungeons or raids in the game share initials or abbreviations.

In either case, you’re just risking confusing the OP which benefits no-one.

Nothing disingenuous about it (and I think you need to look up the meaning of strawman). You are attempting to name a dungeon after it’s endboss when every single dungeon in the game is referred to by its full name. I’d say the one confusing things is you.

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