LFG Horde US Server 477 Resto Druid

Looking for a guild for Shadowlands. Prefer playing Resto Druid, but will play BoomKin if needed for raid (M+ will be RDruid). Looking for a raiding group that either raids a little later on weekdays (7 pm pst) or on weekends since I have a full time job.

Raiderio - 2043 (stopped pushing due to leaving previous guild)
Mythic Prog - 4/12 on Druid but 5/12 overall (wasnt on the main roster due to having another druid on roster) Left guild after 5/12 prog

Willing to transfer servers and just want to play at a high level.
Message if interested
In game name: Mcnibole kil’jaden
Bnet: BubblesFloat#1146

Hey Mcnibole,

Crimson Brotherhood is looking for dps and heals (flex for raid) headed into shadowlands to expand our raid into Mythic raid content. We’re also active in Mythic+ and will be getting KSM along with AOTC asap. Check us out.