LFG group leader whisper macro

I am looking for two similar whisper macro’s that autofills a message after I have the /w chat bar open with their name in it:

  1. when I find a raid in LFG and sign up, and then right click to whisper the group leader it pops up a /w automatically to whisper them. Id like a macro i can click that will autopopulate the chat bar and say “440 dh tank 12/12N” and send.

  2. an identical macro to above, but also include an achievement along with whisper text.

I used to have a macro that worked, but it stopped a few months ago:

/run local MSG,ACH=“431 mage 8/8H %s”,13784 ChatEdit_InsertLink(format(MSG,GetAchievementLink(ACH)))ChatEdit_OnEnterPressed(ChatEdit_GetActiveWindow())

It should work again if you run this script first

/run UIParent:UnregisterEvent("GLOBAL_MOUSE_DOWN")

or install this addon

I added this but no luck. how can I whisper plain text to an open whisper target. i right clicked the leader in LFG to whisper and just want to click a button to insert text “440 dh tank 12/12N” and insert text into my open whisper window, my chat looks like this when I want to click the macro to insert text

/w PlayerName-Server:

Your initial macro still works, there’s just a quirk to using it now. When you whisper the group leader YOU MUST PUT A SPACE IN BEFORE HITTING THE MACRO. If you simply hit the spacebar before the macro, it should still work for you. It’s the same macro I use to link the current season’s ksm. I don’t have any idea why you have to hit space before the macro, but it works for me. Just to be clear, the macro I use is:
/run local MSG,ACH="YOUR MESSAGE HERE, %s",14145 ChatEdit_InsertLink(format(MSG,GetAchievementLink(ACH)))ChatEdit_OnEnterPressed(ChatEdit_GetActiveWindow())

Just replace the text as you like. The number after that (14145 - bfa s4 ksm) can also be changed to suit whatever achieve you’re trying to link. Again, the key to making it work it to hit space BEFORE using the macro.