New chat behaviour

Apparently, this is an undocumented change and not a bug.

When typing, clicking anywhere else on the screen deselects the chat box, and if you don’t realise you’ve done that or aren’t used to it because that never used to be the case, your hotkeys will suddenly start spamming the screen.

Can anyone create an addon to revert this change? Is that even a thing that’s possible?

Prior to 8.3, if I was typing and clicked somewhere, nothing would happen with the cursor in the chat box. It would stay there and I could keep typing while also mouse steering.

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You’re free to turn this into an addon with and/or upload to CurseForge


It might not be a proper fix since it also does some other stuff with dropdowns but oh well


I love you so much right now, lol.

You don’t understand how much that’s been screwing me up…I thought I was the only one that noticed this change… I keep on doing my recruit macro for my guild IN GUILD CHAT. Instead of how I used to do it before they changed it…I would either just click general chat or trade chat and hit my recruit macro… but this update makes it still go to my last used chat. so I look like a idiot using my recruit macro in my guild…

If you wanted to retain the dropdown functionality you could create your own frame to handle the event.

local f = CreateFrame("Frame")
f:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event, ...)
	UIParent:GetScript("OnEvent")(UIParent, "GLOBAL_MOUSE_UP", ...)

There should only be one of these for the entire UI, you don’t want to be processing the same event doing exactly the same thing for every addon or widget etc.

GLOBAL_MOUSE_DOWN does some other things that also happen on GLOBAL_MOUSE_UP. This code would have little effect unless someone is prone to moving the mouse off the on-screen field/button before releasing the mouse button.

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This change is such a damn nuisance.

Ya, the new events also break clicking on drop-down items like when you search for a partial raid name. Unregistering them restores the functionality there too.


Wow, this has been driving me insane lately. When you’re using the group finder, for things like pugging raids, and you need to link AOTC or something, you right click the group to start wispering the raid leader, then if you open the achievments panel, it cancels the chat dialog with them.

The annoying workaround is to link yourself the achivement and then shift click it into a message to the raid leader.

I don’t know why they changed this, but it’s annoying as hell. I will have to try the workaround you guys have shown.

Slapped it into a simple addon that unregisters GLOBAL_MOUSE_DOWN and GLOBAL_MOUSE_UP. Been running it for a while and haven’t noticed any issues.