Lfg empty since classic launch

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Classes almost uniformly feel terrible to play, itemization is utterly hosed beyond description, traits are too random for as dominant as they are, new zones are awful, reps are useless, sharding makes servers useless while simultaneously gutting guilds, content is utterly toothless outside of raids and high M+ keys…

This list can go on and on, really.

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The difference being classic is new content for a lot of people.

WoW is gonna be dead until 9.0 (if it doesn’t suck) for a lot of people once they finish leveling in Classic.


so you think the one button rotation of mages is better gameplay?
reps arent useless they give you bis trinkets for many classes.
new zones are mediocre.
you think 3 pieces of loot between 40 people is better ?

so content like dungeons and raids are end game same as classic.

professions are also viable end game in bfa if you raid or m+


I really don’t understand why you need this though lol. These forums have been littered with why BFA is bad and how they are done playing. The vast amounts of ignored feedback on BFA and things that shouldnt be implemented.

Class designs being so bad that many classes were told to wait until the next patch for their class to be good. BFA is a huge let down coming from Legion. It is and will for ever be the worst parts of Legion.

To make matters worse, their best idea or quickest idea to make under performing classes better, was to re implement “glyphs” aka essences. With said “glyphs” they have a abundance of choices which are abilities from other classes/specs. This only further made the game feel less than it already was for me. Not only am i a feral druid but now i can EYE BEAM… Just stupid really…

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So do it the old fashioned way…talk to ppl



The number of retail advocates that come from moonguard is really out of proportion

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Classic is strong in RP elements and community…Classic has interesting and fun world content. Classic does not have as much RNG and it is less painful because gear isn’t the focus of the game. Classic has a strong sense of character progression.


Wall of text crit me for 5-billion



Sure there will be cookie cutter builds, but there will also be niche builds, hipster builds, and tons of cool stuff to try.

Ok first of all calm down. 40 ppl for 3 drops was a bit ridiculous in classic, but for a lot of ppl its better than the 300 drops we get each week in BFA, hoping that 1 of them turboforges into something useful.


True, but it still feels more rewarding than LFR where u queue up and watch netflix until a random epic is placed in your bags.

I mean…yeah

But wouldn’t that make it better? Vanilla is by no means perfect, but BFA is so garbage at least its better than nothing.


Put the Ashvane’s Razor Coral in the bag… :male_detective:


Well for someone who seems inept at actually reading the forums, it’s a pretty complete list of why BfA sucks.


LOL, the sad part is i think i was more excited to get my staff of westfall than this razorcoral.

Titanforging can die in a fire


lol, you dont seem to understand

let me help.

“Classic is strong in RP elements and community”

  • the same community that played retail. the same community that will not play with you if you have slightly less honour gained per day. the same cvommunity that wont play with you if you rolled feral instead of warrior/mage.
  • it is a solid single player sand box, albeit with crap quest design.

“Classic has interesting and fun world content.”

  • classic world content is farming buffs and materials, SOOOOOOO FUN.

“Classic does not have as much RNG and it is less painful because gear isn’t the focus of the game.”

    gearing is the only end game lol .

“Classic has a strong sense of character progression.”

  • classic has the same sense of character progression as bfa.

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I think we hit a better point in BC/Wrath, and gradually gutted it. Outside of raids, your spellbook was bigger and more useful in a situational sense. Anymore we just get half a dozen ways to AOE things, and the single target rotation is about the only interesting thing left.

Your other criticisms of vanilla are valid, though people who enjoy it more than BFA aren’t blind to the warts. They just think the sum experience is better.

No, Rustbolt gives you a near-bis trinket, one that’s so powerful it’s near-bis for every spec in the game, and it’s the exception that proves the rule because it’s the only rep gear in the xpac that isn’t utter trash. Everything else gives you horses and 355 items that were terrible by the time you could buy them and weren’t even functional for mogs because they were almost all identical recolors of the same two slots. Best case they’d give you a minor efficiency upgrade of a recipe you bought from the trainer before you hit 120, and you’d usually still have to get the R3 somewhere else.

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So far, Potemkin been on the money.

At this point though, you are just having the Patrick Star Wallet argument.


Play retail then.


lol, ///// exactly what this feels like.


I’m glad someone else noticed that

I also think the RP servers post way more than other types


i would love to if there where enough people left to play with.
hence the title of my post .

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Over time, WoW has changed to cater to a very different audience than it did originally. It now caters to an audience that doesn’t care much about the MMO elements of WoW, but rather the single player friendly elements of WoW.

It turns out that when Blizz releases a WoW that by its design encourages the MMO playstyle, people flock to it. They socialize and become part of the world. I’m once again seeing videos about people admitting they have Classic WoW addiction. How long has it been since we used to have people admitting they’re obsessed? I guess something positive about BFA is that it’s bad enough that nobody’s getting addicted lol.