Lfg empty since classic launch


title says it all

arena lfg empty

dungeon and raid lfg empty.

queue times infinite for dps leveling.

it has become hard to play retail.
trying to put a group together takes 8+ hours.

(Monsterskill) #2

That’s because the game sucks rn.


please elaborate.

(Jerauld) #4

DPS satchel is coming up more frequently :stuck_out_tongue:

(Monsterskill) #5

The game is boring. Everyone is fed up with BFA. They’d rather play a rehashed 2004 version of the game. That’s how bad it is. Game has a solid 3.0 on metacritic. Worst received WoW game of all time.


all you did was reword your original statement.

please elaborate on why you think bfa is bad.

you still have yet to give a single reason.

(Monsterskill) #7

The world content is repetitive. The RNG is frustrating. The RP elements are lacking. The artifact progression is lackluster. The community is dead.


classic wow is exactly as you described .

many people describing the short comings of bfa keep describing classic while
also claiming classic is superior.


If you don’t know why so many people think BfA is bad after tens of thousands of forum threads about it, you haven’t been paying attention. Google is your friend. Nobody owes you the service of spoon-feeding you info about common complaints.

A lot of people are playing classic because it’s something different to do, not because it was their primary motivation.

(Chanel) #10

No Darling, its not. There is a community forming in classic that retail seemed to of taken pride in destroying

  • No titanforging

  • No LFR

  • Servers matter

  • Community matters

  • Reason to group up and talk to ppl

  • Rewarding gear progression

  • Rewarding leveling system with character growth and power progression

  • More customization with talents

  • No sharding

  • No scaling

Classic is a sandbox, where the player experience is dependant on their choices and actions.

BFA is a boring tour bus, keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle and don’t deviate from the adventure we pre-planned for you!


hmm, okay yeah i agree with these reason.

i feel like vanilla lacks any sort of end game.

currently outside of raiding, profession and rep grinds there isnt much to do.

your post makes me wonder if modern wow implimented the things you posted would the game imporve?

i think so…

  • No titanforging
  • No LFR
  • Servers matter
  • Community matters
  • Reason to group up and talk to ppl
  • Rewarding gear progression
  • Rewarding leveling system with character growth and power progression
  • More customization with talents
  • No sharding
  • No scaling

(Raelhorn) #13

For the longest time, after so many “WoW-killers” have come and gone… people came to a conclusion:

Only WoW can kill WoW.

This was typically in the context of Blizz finally changing the game too much that people get fed up with it… but it seems everyone was wrong.

It took ALL of the following to pull it off:

  • Blizz finally changing the game too much
  • At least one or two other MMORPGs becoming worthy competitors.
  • Releasing “Classic WoW” as a killing blow to prove how far the game has fallen.

… I have to wonder if I should be impressed with WoW’s resilience or just yell at it to give up the ghost already.


We don’t need to write you an essay about why we don’t like something

No vendors
Pvp is dull
Open world is dull
Have to do 534 dailies
Levelling sucks
Most the classes are shadows of their former selfs
No real pvp progression
No solid pve progression
Community feels completely dead
IEs suck and are super boring
Having alts is a pain
Gold is valueless
Too many elves
The gear is bland
Those stupid fox creatures
Flying time gated
Half the zones are disgusting to navigate with out flying
No pvp vendors again
Pve gear required to pvp
Moonguard server
Too many elves again
Allied races are annoying to get if you even want them
Store mounts
Sub for 6 month mounts
Automated silencing
4 difficulties of raids and dungeons
No armour sets

I’m sure I could go on and this isn’t a list of things I’ve seen people complain about, these are the things I don’t like

Is that reason enough for you?


How so? You farm raids and pvp, same as in retail.

Phase 1 classic lacks end game but most people are taking their time enjoying leveling.

(Happyboi) #16

Personally (I know you are talkin to someone else, but!)

  1. dislike the class design. I feel that many specs are too similar to each other, it’s boring.
  2. dislike the award system and how gear doesn’t feel that meaningful.

These are my biggest issues and most of the reason why I am bored with BFA. I was excited for Classic since I have never played it. Went to Classic and barely pop on retail. What I am loving about it is,

  1. I love all the little things about it like class trainers and no objectives showing up on the map, class quests… There are many more things but those are a few.
  2. no heirlooms!! it feels nice to get an upgrade, things feel more rewarding even a bag drop
  3. everything has a purpose. Money matters, professions matter, gear matters… etc


i’m not asking for people to write me an essay.
i am asking people to post in complete sentences.
a task you seem to be incapable of completing.


I thought you were asking for an elaboration?


Nice try. Lol.


as someone that primarily does mythic plus i feel vanilla has little re-playable end game content. once you get what you need from a dungeon you have zero incentive to return. finding 39 other people and praying they have enough brain cells to spam frost bolt till you get loot is an unpleasant experience. community matters but only because no xrealm tech.ROLLING ON LOOT BETWEEN YOU AND THE OTHER 30 MAGES IN YOUR RAID IS TERRIBLE GAME DESIGN. 3 PEICES OF LOOT BETWEEN 40 PEOPLE IS TERRIBLE GAME DESIGN. bfa has reasons to group up and talk to people but many people choose not to. ZERO CUSTOMIZATION WITH TALENTS.
we all know the top dps will all be using the same cookie cutter talents so dont pretend like we have more viable options than bfa. the leveling quests in classic are horribly designed many of them ask you to kill 8+ of an animal that spawns in clusters of 45+ minutes while also asking other people to do the same. making people compete for leveling quests is terrible game design.

having bosses with few mechanics and one button rotations is bad game design. To me it seems vanilla isnt better its something to quench the wow thirst that doesnt taste as bitter as bfa.

i will give classic a good points for a solid single player open world rpg ,