LF Raiding & M+ Guild


Recently resubscribed about a month or two ago and now looking for a fun group to raid with. I’ve played a rogue in every single WoW expansion. Currently ilvl 236. Looking for a two night raiding guild, 8PMish to 12AMish

Discord: teej #1129
Battle.net: teej#11856

Thank you!

Hey! We are recruiting all roles for our raid team and based on what you’re looking for we could be a good fit! You can reach out to me on discord at Hazy#8123 !

Good Intentions on Area 52 is recruiting!
We are a newly formed guild on the server and our welcoming community is growing! Good Intentions is founded by a group of friendly players looking to find other like minded people to enjoy company with while killing bosses.
If you’re new to the game or you are a seasoned player looking for a place to fit in, you can have a home with us!

Our guild is PVE focused with goals of success in Raid and Mythic+. Our raid team gathers every Wednesday and Friday night from 9:30Pm-12:00Am EST.

We are currently recruiting players looking to learn, grow, and improve for our raid team!

Available Raid Roles:

Tank: Filled.

Healers: All will be considered.

DPS: All will be considered.

If you would like to join our guild or have any questions please reach out to us!

Officer: Glamify #1728
Recruitment: Hazy#11973
Guild master: Bluedragoon#1808

Officer: Glamify #5915
Recruitment: Hazy #8123
Guild master: Morgan #5956

Hey Teej,

We are rebuilding our guild currently, but we’ve grown enough that we plan to start raiding this week on Wednesday and Thursday 9-11 EST. Maybe you’ll join us? :slight_smile:

Our info post is here

Good luck on your search for a wow home!