LF Mythic Raiding Guild Starting Mythic Progression


I’m a ex cutting edge raider from TBC and WOTLK era coming back to the game because of Classic and Shadowlands but trying out BFA to get reacquainted with retail. Managed to get 12/12H 1/12M from just healing pugs (yeah), 465 ilvl, 12 Cloak and I also have a decent Ret set at 464 ilvl. I absolutely cannot raid Tuesday and Wednesday and sometimes Sunday due to work and my classic raid schedule but any of the other days I can raid. I prefer not to raid on BOTH Saturday and Friday but I’ll raid on one of those days if that’s the schedule your guild does.

Not much logs on me and such because this toon is new but it only takes a 1-2 pulls of seeing mechanics to get it nailed down and heroic Nya felt super easy I clear it regularly with pugs now.

Prefer evening raiding guilds at 6-11pm Pacific (adjusted to timezone) but I’ll do whatever times adjusted to the guilds timezone.
I’m currently on Illidan but willing to transfer for a mythic raiding spot.

Just trying to find a home for this toon. LMK with questions.
I also plan on making a Resto Shaman.

Hi Vains, if you’re willing to go Alliance and willing to raid ret (with your flex os), we’d have a spot for ya on our team :slight_smile: Info in our post below:

would wednesday and sunday 7-10 PST work? we’re 3/12 mythic currently, and we could really benefit from having a paladin healer. if interested message me on discord @ kiro#9656 or in game at ironside#1609

healing well and having the ability to play ret well would all but guarantee a spot so again if youre interested message me.

Guild Name: Infamous
Realm: Proudmoore
Faction: Alliance

Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs (10 PM - 1 AM EST)

Progress: 12/12 H
Ready to push into mythic, just need to fill the last couple of spots. Comfortably full clearing heroic in a raid night.
h ttps://raider.io/guilds/us/proudmoore/Infamous

About Us: Infamous is a mythic raiding guild with goals of achieving CE not only this tier, but every tier to follow. Raiding only 3 days a week, we strive to make the most out of our raid times so that when we zone into an instance, we’re ready to kill bosses and get one step closer to reaching our goal. Outside of raid, we’re pushing M+ keys, doing weekend guild RBGs, becoming assassins in Uldum/Vale, judging each other’s transmogs, and complaining about the RNG of getting good corruption on our gear.


Tanks: Closed (Considering good applicants)
Healers: Open (Considering good applicants)
DPS: 4 Core Spots Open (High priority for a boomy and any other RDPS)

Any exceptional player will always be considered, regardless of class/spec. Our roster is competitive, meaning consistent underperformers will be replaced until further notice/improvement.


  • Be an active player. We aren’t interested in people that log on for raid and logout immediately after. On top of maintaining a 90% raid attendance, we expect you to be active within the guild and crushing content together outside of raid.
  • Be knowledgable about your class. This means keeping up to date on your BiS list, ideal talent/stat set ups for specific fights, and constantly trying to improve as a player.
  • Be ready for raid. We expect raiders to have done necessary research for boss fights, zone into raid prepared with consumables, tomes, and a good attitude.

If you’re interested in joining, please contact Mindset#0203 on Discord for more information!

bump for horde guilds?

Duck Me Caddy is a Semi-Hardcore guild made up of some ex Cutting Edge and 2k io players who want to progress through mythic. Duck Me Caddy was built on raiding 6 hours a week maximum and pushing CE on 2 nights per week.

Currently 12/12H 3/12M

We just finished up AOTC this week and are going into Mythic next week (some of us already 1/12) and need to fill out our 3 remaining roster spots.

The Raid Schedule is Tues/Thurs 8:30-11:30 EST.

Currently in desperate need of excellent ranged DPS, resto shaman, holy/disc priest, hpal, or MW monk.

Add cmurder#1583 on blizzard for more details!

Hope to hear from you soon

Cant raid on tuesdays. bump