LF Guild - Sun/Mon/Tues (or Late Night any) Raid times, 3 friends (1 Heals, 1 Heal/DPS, 1 DPS)

Hi there,

We’re a small friend group of ex mythic raiders looking for somewhere to call home.

Raid Days for us are Sun, Mon, Tuesday Evenings due to work. OR Any night for a late night (11pm Server+ team).

Who we are:
210 Resto Druid (or Unholy DK) - Naproxen (DK: Kemii) currently 6/10 Heroic. Mythic raider from BFA (7/12 Nya), WOD (11/13 HFC), MOP (11/14 SOO).

210 Holy/Ret/Prot Paladin - Ashlen, currently 6/10 HC. Cutting Edge for Argus (Legion), Xavius (Legion).

212 Fire Mage - Chenm, currently 6/10 HC.

Hi! We’re a new adult guild looking for people who want to push pve content and have a fun group of people to chill with. Raid times at Saturday 8:30 -11:30pm server and Sunday’s 6-9pm server! We run mythics almost daily and in the near future we will be hosting guild events like achievement runs let me know if this is something your interested in and I hope to see your guild join request soon!