LF Guild CE havoc DH guild can have any prog will server xfer

CE havoc DH 480 ilvl 4100 IO LF Guild for shadowlands and now it doesnt matter prog just want a decent guild with fun Environment and can raid anyday any time and have fun currently main havoc dh and will for Shadowlands unless i have to switch raid times and days dont matter and im willing to transfer servers as well also have the auction house mount if that matters also gonna reroll in Shadowlands if your interested in me add my discord Connor#9146

Sup! we raid Monday and Wednesday 9-midnight Central standard time. If a young energetic rowdy bunch matches you then give us a try!

Hey there!

[Pack Mentality] [A] [Stormrage] is recruiting for Shadowlands! We’re an AOTC guild, however, we’re shifting our sights towards mythic progression for the coming expansion. We plan on completing heroic before moving into mythic, at which point we will be continuing heroic runs on Saturday nights as farm/alt runs. We are aiming to clear all mythic raids while they are current content. We raid Thursday and Friday nights, 9 – 11 p.m. server and 9 – 12p.m. server, respectively. Server time zone is EST.

We have the bones of a fantastic raid team, but we would like to bring a few more cats into the fold to round out our capabilities. We are looking for healers and DPS, and at least one player who can swap between those two roles. There are a few specific classes/specs we’d like to pick up, however, all should feel free to apply. Spots on the mythic team will be determined through heroic progression, where we will be watching for players who consistently show up, perform well, and have a good attitude. The classes and specs we are most interested are as follows – Monk (WW), Priest (Disc/Shadow), Mage (Frost > Arcane), Paladin (Holy/Ret) and Rogue (Sub > Outlaw). We could always use a solid DH as well!

We are a fun-loving and friendly bunch, mostly between the ages of 25 and 35. Though we take raiding seriously, we aim to maintain an atmosphere of fun and inclusion for everyone. We push mythic keys, we have a few PvP’ers, and we run a lot of legacy content for mounts, mogs, etc. We don’t tolerate any sort of rude behavior, hate, exclusion, or prejudice.

We have a solid handful of people on break right now until the pre-patch questing starts / until shadowlands releases, but under normal circumstances we’re a very active guild!

If you’re looking for a new home for Shadowlands, send myself, or one of the other officers listed at the bottom of this post a tell, and let’s talk!

xxvii#11663 (me) – KristovChaos#1801 – truealpha#1270