LF Awesome Guild

Greetings all! I am looking for a new guild for my characters on Aman’Thul. I recently moved to Australia from Canada so I’d love to find a great group of people to enjoy WoW Oceanic with.

Now for a little backstory. I have been playing WoW on and off since the launch of TBC in 2007, and enjoy all aspects of the game (Except maybe World Quests :sleeping:). During TBC and Wrath I was part of an amazing guild, with a great group of people that I could chat with, raid with, level with, gear with, and just have a laugh. The guild fell apart in Cataclysm however, and I’m very sad to say that I have not yet found a guild that brings that feeling back.

The content I would say I most enjoy at the moment is M+, though I have not progressed far at all yet as I’m nervous to get into higher keys (I think the highest I’ve done in BFA has been a 7 :rofl:) I have enjoyed raiding as well, though I have not done any proper raiding since Wrath.

I am always available to help fellow guildies with any challenges they are after. What I am most looking for is a good home in WoW and I am super pumped for Shadowlands and creating new memories.