LF AOTC guild / community

Hey - short blurb:

I’m looking for a normal/heroic guild/group to work on AOTC and push some keys with. I haven’t had much raiding experience recently but I’ve played the game long enough to be able to listen and learn from mistakes. This paladin is my best geared character but I have most classes leveled and could transition if needed. I currently play ret but could move to prot or holy.

I’m available
Sunday - Thursday 8pm EST to about midnight at the latest.

Basically I’m looking for a group of normal people to enjoy the game with. I’ve been pretty much solo since wrath.

Hello! I lead a Normal only raid team designed to help new and returning players get the hang of raiding and prepare for Heroic. If you are interested in joining send me a message on discord, Ochyro#4197. We run from 8pm-11pm CT.

Once you get a feel for the raid, we also have AOTC teams Horde and Alliance side you could move into if you were interested.

Murder Hobos is a Heroic Raiding Guild on the Sargeras server, which was formed by long time players and experienced raiders . We strive to maintain a community of dedicated, team oriented, like minded raiders that are committed to our guild success.

Currently 10/10H as well as multiple Season 1 and 2 KSM, (we also run Mythic + regularly!) while maintaining a fun and friendly raiding environment.

Currently recruiting DPS to expand our roster from about 16 currently to 25+ for the next raid tier.

With our collective raiding experience, we bring our talents and dedication to our raid team and continue to grow the team while having a great time and a positive teamwork attitude, all with a fun raiding atmosphere.


Skilled DPS (all classes considered)


Tuesday/Thursday 8:00-11pm EASTERN

Please reach out to us here or BNET if you are interested. We look forward to hearing from those of you who are looking for a new place to call home!

Ladori#1555 BNET
Ladori#9225 DISCORD
Evolintent#1966 BNET

Well met! I help lead a relatively small guild that raids heroic SoD that is currently 9/10. We also got CN AOTC. We have a discord server,provide raid supplies etc etc. We raid heroic on mon/thurs/sat. We also raid normal on tuesday to gear alts and help catch people up. We do M+ throughout the week. Feel free to contact me on discord at Goregrith#3827 or on bnet at Goregrith#1583

Hey man,

Adjust is a guild who has been around since 8.3. We raid Sundays/Tuesday and its currently just a small core group of about 7 or 8, just trying to pick up some key folks. We were AOTC in 8.3 and 9.0; some of us decided to try some different things in 9.1.

I personally run keys daily, along with some of our other folks. We are AOTC focused and if we have a roster we plan on casually stepping into Mythic assuming we aren’t facing the roster boss.

Feel free to give me a shout on Disc at Greyman#4632

Hey, late to the party. My heroic guild is recruiting similar ppl. We are looking for coo’ ppl to raid with on tue/thur 8-11pm Server time.

Our guild does heroic and M+ every week. The guild has been raiding together for 5+ years, so the raid is pretty stable and won’t fall apart.

Feel free to message me in game if interested.