LF A Weekend Mythic Team? Join HFD 4/12M!

Greetings from Horder Faster Deeper! We are a mythic raiding guild looking for a few more dedicated individuals to join our team for fun and loot. (Please note you may be asked to submit feet pics this is not a requirement to join).

Our current recruitment needs:
1 tank
1 DPS with tank OS

Classes we’re particularly interested in:
Ret Pally, Mage, Lock, Spriest

We will consider other classes as we value the player over the class!

Raid Times:
Friday / Sunday 8pm - 11pm EST

Contact info:
Please message Lanoline#1436 on either Bnet or Discord

About Horder Faster Deeper:
HFD is a mythic raiding guild that aims to bring a sense of community and fun to all that we do. We strive to uphold a supportive and productive raid environment in order to progress through mythic content while still maintaining a positive atmosphere. The guild’s history dates back over 10 years to Cataclysm, we enjoy raiding, PvP, mythic+, achievement runs and much more in WoW as well as playing other games together outside of WoW and attending Blizzcon!