Level 70 Character Boost still not usable on Eranikus

The restriction for Character Boost on Eranikus is holding a lot of players back still.

We are told the issue is being looked into, however the window to get our Characters ready for Wrath is steadily closing and there’s no update on if this will get fixed before launch.

The only solution until then is to reluctantly use the boost on a character we don’t want to use it on, then play the 72 hour waiting game to transfer. But considering the free transfers can close without warning, and after yesterday’s fiasco, a lot of people just don’t want to take this risk.

For those of you in this situation are you going to wait to use your boost? or use the boost on another character and then take the transfer?


Yeah this is bothering me strongly. I want to get my mage ready professions, gold, some gear etc. I really hope they fix this issue ASAP.

They aren’t fixing it.

I’ve got tickets with different answers within the same hour, I respond explaining the situation and get some boilerplate garbage back

it’s show as clickable now

Lololol nub boosters. P2W babbies

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