Level 50s Griefing level 25 Incursions

Back in original WoW word would have gotten out and the place would be flooded with defenders.

People just don’t care anymore, zoomer mindset. What is to gain defending your lower levels?

Agreed, the devs should do something.

PvP happened on a PvP server

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On Lone Wolf, alliance seems more pve focused and horde only wants to pvp when they have a clear advantage.

Quit the opposite on Crusader strike

Less horde leveling cuz we already leveled (best faction)

The Devs expected pvp to occur but its clear they did not expect the level of degeneracy where people would just afk at the quest turn ins and kill people as they try to turn in.

They will add something soon to the quest area to prevent this behavior, I just hope they dont wait too long before people just quit the phase.

Nobody does “pvp” on pvp servers.

99.9% of “”“world pvp”“” is just griefing/ganking


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Comments with “If you don’t want to PvP, then don’t roll on a PvP realm” just turn into posts of “Blizz needs to fix this, there’s no more [Insert Oppostite Faction] anymore!!!” later.

There’s a reason Warmode was implemented. Towards the end, there was like what? 4 or 5 PvP realms had a near 50/50 split. The rest had 60/40 and beyond. My own PvP realm (Rivendare) had a 90/10 split.

you know there’s a whole world to do other stuff. quit being lazy

Reinstate DHKs.

The same Alliance 50s who camp lowbies in Inscursions are the exact same ones who camp the DMF buff NPC.

Imagine being that person?

I get the idea behind it, but imagine spending your time doing that in a video game.

Sitting there like a deranged slob.

Good god.

Max level players seeking to do nothing but grief low levels is, and will always be the bane of MMO PvP and why we can’t have nice things like open world PK.

It’s not a problem isolated to WoW and it’s entirely player-driven behavior.

What we did back in the day was when let’s say allies would gang up extensively on horde low levels the word would spread and you get a raid moving on them and the issue would have been resolved that way. Today people won’t come to support i assume, i don’t know i just started back.

For some reason they just can’t help themselves. This needs to be studied in psychology

Stop playing on the servers. No reason to be there if you don’t want to be

The point is you rolled on a pvp server in the first place. You didn’t have to do that

They need to offer transfers off PvP servers because no one actually signed up for this who wanted to play on a PvP server. PvP servers on era are completely different. If someone griefs a spot, simply move to a different zone and you can continue to play efficiently. But incursions are the only way to play efficiently, and the turn-in are permanently camped depending on which 10:1 failure of a layer you end up in.

That’s fine if that’s how they want to do pvp servers in SoD. Good to know now. But let people transfer off because this is game breakingly bad.

No there isnt. Change my mind

You can transfer off, its called character selection

Pvp happened on pvp server. Whats new?

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