Level 50s Griefing level 25 Incursions

I’m not interested in regrinding exalted reps.

Y’know, I was thinking the same thing. Like when we’d get alerts on Wild Defense and people would react to them.



i would corpse camp you until you quit the game for your character alone OP

But in SOD that would be doing you a favor so nevermind, just keep being a good consoomer playing SOD

It is hilarious this is all horde did, now that it comes back at them its an issue. Karma

This could be somewhat / mostly addressed by putting a level restriction on being able to enter the portals. For duskwood, that could be 23-30 something.

Sounds like PvP Happenned on a PVP Server, Move on this community doesnt care.

Its funny reading this again. Griefers ruined another server, gg boys

Funny thing is nobody is forcing you to do these cowshart incursions.
Go level out in the world, do some dungeons, interact with humans etc etc

More of a people who shouldn’t have been on a pvp server are complaining about wpvp.

But you need honored for full set at lvl 50.

Use. Your. Brain.

but you don’t really need the set, know what i mean?

I did, I chose not to roll on a griefing server and, fancy that, I haven’t been griefed or whined about it on the forums.

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Smart thing you did. But then you chose to go and argue on forums how good you are and how stupid are others. Thats a mistake. So 1:1 for you.

Yea, you can go for lvl 50 ones and finish the rep. It is just not optimal

Nobody knew they were going to do this in p3. P1 the pvping was fine. Some griefing but at a tolerable level. Notice how they axed those FCM’s super quickly for pvp servers? Even though they said they were going to open more windows? Why you think that is? Because they were hemorrhaging. CS went from high pop server to medium pop after they opened those FCM’s.

IOW, PVP happens on a PVP server. You chose to roll on a PVP server and now you’re unhappy because it’s like every other PVP server.


Another original post. In OG vanilla if the zone is getting actively griefed, you switch places. Here you have 1 superior place to quest with a needed rep and if you skip it, you lose a lot.

This is what pvp servers are for - to grief.


One of the core principles of PVP servers is that you may not always have access to resources that you want. If this is not acceptable then you shouldn’t be on a PVP server.


Then LHChapel gets guards in naxx patch. Silithus gets guards. See the logic?