Level 50s Griefing level 25 Incursions

They are among the worst things ever added to Classic. It goes token > cash shop + boosts > NI.

This is not among the reasons why it’s so terrible.

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Cities are not equivalent to Open World questing areas. We didn’t forget that, we don’t believe that it is the same thing (because it isn’t)

Curious. I wonder. Are there areas in or around Gadgetzan, Moonglade, and those other neutral areas that are NOT protected? Perhaps the areas with all the enemies or the open areas outside of the towns? The incursion is NOT a town. You fail to understand this.

I wonder if the PVP central HUB where you used to have to zone into a BG from and a Main Faction city might be significantly different than hostile open world enemy controlled areas? Curious.


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This is not PvP, this is kicking puppies.
This is why most of the original PvP servers became 90% one faction.
Campers and cowards never understood this basic fact and these servers could end up the same.


What you call a city I just call a quest hub. Or is it the distinction between having buildings that matters to you?
Because the incursion is a quest hub with a vendor as well, not so different than a place like the Rebel Camp in STV or the Moonwell in Feralas.
They added guards in Un’Goro crater’s quest hub in TBC for that very reason.
Because there is a difference between open world PvP and just straight up denying access to actual content.

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Good for you, you’re wrong.

It is the purpose and location and function and design. Cities and faction locations often times have several NPCs, they are attached to a specific faction (Horde, Alliance, Goblin), multiple different vendors, their location and proximity to certain areas and the level ranges of those areas matters, they generally have flight paths, they are meant as a central hub for players to gear up for their next adventure. None of that applies to incursions.

Uh huh. Except that it is VERY different than both those areas. The Rebel Camp in STV is a faction specific location, being Alliance. Also there are no guards there. The guards do not attack people. You can be ganked and camped there. So what exactly is this comparison? Also for Moonglade, it is a druid centric training hub for a class that encompasses all ranges and level and is meant for their class training. The game requires the classes to go there. Incursions are optional content not class focused content. And don’t give me that bologna of “BuT iT’s To StRoNg To Be OpTiOnAl” that’s not an argument.

But consequently not in Classic. Which SoD is based on. Also Un’Goro is a Cartel themed faction and has a flight path.

Not in this case. Because:

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Aaah, I understand now. You’re just a sociopath. Got it.

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Sticks and Stones. Stay off PVP servers. Problem solved.


He just likes to argue in extremely bad faith and then threaten to ignore people in his own posts where he can’t explain anything coherently.

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Not in Classic WoW. Mind controlling people off Blackrock Mountain and the Boats is normal content in Classic WoW. The solution is to not roll on PvP servers unless you want to be corpse camped


Hundreds of thousands of us are having a blast.

Sounds like classic isn’t for you bud.

So I just caught up on this thread and… Wait what…

There’s PvP on a PvP server??? I am shocked… Shocked I sayeth!!


How dare you ask people to be accountable for their actions?

Hey me too!

“Hey guildies, this level 50 is camping my level 26 alt. Let’s mass report him.”

I let the chatGPT automods do the rest.

Did you start playing in November? How much longer will you be playing?

How can you be upset about PvP on a PvP server?

The things I wake up to and subject myself to. I suppose I can empathize; I came to the forums and am upset I see such stupid nonsense. Blizzard not fair!

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We’re all alike in the end.

Some people feel forced to play on pvp servers as the pve server is dead in their part of the world. Not all of us are blessed to live in the States and be able to play on populated pve servers with good ping - we have to choose between playing with others or playing at good ping. If we want both, we have to roll on a pvp server.

The difference is, can you set your hearth at the inn there?

No hearth=quest hub
Inn where you can hearth=city

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Ha I mean alliance are so weak they gank ashenvale incursion in packs of 20

But as soon as horde people get tired of their crap and fight with same numbers alliance is in shambles and run with their tails between their legs

Most of the lvl 50s thats camping low lvls are actually really bad just fight back. 2 days ago i was on my lvl 40 rogue and it was this orc hunter killing everyone and noone was fighting back. I literally owned him solo and camp him he had no idea how to kite. It gets hard when the classes like rogues camping low lvls because they made rogues easy mode in classic sod.