Level 50s Griefing level 25 Incursions

Some of us have too many achievements to reroll. Like ab, wsg exalted, & rank 7. What do you have? If you had much you wouldn’t suggest re-rolling.

You have about 5 people on these forums that enjoy seeing people stuck on a server or situation, that doesn’t affect them . Oh, I’ve found out that about half of the objectors are the same ppl.

FFS give us the option to ignore forum posters.

I don’t need to re-roll. I didn’t choose a server with non-consensual pvp to begin with. When my friend insisted on it I told him to piss off. In the end all he wanted was BGs anyway. If you chose that and are mad that ganking happened it’s on you, and if you only did it because others told you where to roll: STOP ROLLING ON PVP SERVERS


Most PvP is griefing. Most people aren’t like Pshero who only ganks worthy opponents, like what the Predator does.

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So, call a group of lvl 50s to deal with them.


We are ALREADY here. I’m not rolling anywhere, as most people are NOT. Dropping alts and eventually quitting. If I had to level now, I would quit. I don’t have to do anything now as I am AB, WSG exalted and Rank 7. Go to STV and grab a bunch of coins. Raid for 2 or 3 pieces of gear. (after they nerf all the bosses) And TBH I don’t really care about my personal position in WPVP because I rarely see any.

You chose, less than 5 months ago, to roll on a griefing server. That’s what “PVP” means. Nobody does honorable world pvp, it’s all about gaking and griefing people. Next time Blizz starts a new seasonal server choose wisely. I don’t and won’t feel sorry for you or anyone else who chooses this and whines. If you did want honorable world pvp, than a PVE server is what you want, because you then both have to choose to flag and fight.

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A lot of pvp is fine, annoying but that’s pvp servers. It’s the going to low level areas and seeking out low levels just to camp them that’s disgusting.

yea its pretty easy to get a group of 50s to duskwood you potato headed bob

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you’re playing a pvp server wrong. when that happens you spam “LF layer that is (insert faction here) dominated” That’s the essence of pvp servers

sucks how these level 50 players can completely prevent you from going somewhere else to level at 25.

but then how will they simp for their favourite streamers?

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Like call them on the phone?
What’s the number?

Or do mean like a yell?
Like ‘level 50’s assemble!’

Well, you’re right about that, anyway.

I use guild chat.

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well you can report them. but its just a report of perfectly acceptable behaviour

So, when you selected your server at the start of SoD, and you saw that it was a PVP server, did you already know what that was? Did you look it up to find out? Did you consider what would happen on that server?

When Phase 1 released and you first entered a contested zone and got PVP flagged, did you stop to consider the potential of that for future zones?

When you first encountered an enemy player, and you could attack them and they could attack you, did you think about the ramifications of this for later zones?

When you first did the Ashenvale event and realized that this kind of large scale PVP could happen ANYWHERE and not just in PVP events, did you have this consideration and problem?

You had SO MANY chances to say “Hey, being able to be killed, ganked, camped, or killed anywhere in the world I go that is contested or hostile sounds like it wouldn’t be fun.” and choose a different server. But you didn’t.

It’s not like this was just NOW your concern. You just didn’t worry about if it would happen to YOU.


The people defending how poorly implemented incursions are, especially on PvP servers seem to forget that guards exists in cities, highly frequented neutral areas like Gadgetzan, Moonglade, etc. because back then they understood that in game design you can’t just leave player interactions unchecked and you need safeguards against extreme behavior like what is esssentially the case with incursions.
It’s also the same reason why important PvP vendor NPCs are surrounded by faction guards like at the AV entrance or straight up in the main city rather than being all alone at the Gurubashi Arena where you can’t browse or buy anything when the other faction control the NPC. :clown_face:

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How is it gameplay sabatoge? We agreed to roll on a PvP server


Devs are aware