Level 1 Sergeant?

Will be laughing at the rankers with who can’t even hit 2000 rating in arenas come TBC because they won’t be able to exploit or game the system. I suspect desperate sweaties will somehow attempt win trading or buy their rating over Discord though. Well, a good rogue might be able to carry them to 2200 rating at the very least but it’s vastly different than farming afk pugs in a premade and calling it pvp.

See you next year. :see_no_evil:

Is this person stupid?

You are dense as diamond.

Exploiting other players is against the rules because exploits of any kind are against the rules. No other player need be involved for it to be exploitation and against the rules, but the offense is more severe when it’s detracting from other players’ experiences.

You are responsible for how you and your account are represented in the game world. Cheating in any fashion will result in immediate action. Using third-party programs to automate any facet of the game, exploiting bugs, or engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage is considered cheating.

You quoting the next part as if it’s somehow evidence that exploits can only be considered exploits when they are harming other players is beyond absurd. I don’t know if you just have terrible reading comprehension or can’t admit you’re wrong but… sheesh.

They’ll just roll up a bajillion alts and pool party inflate the Glad rank. Its percent based so you can push the cutoff for that down just fine by inflating the population.


This is how it was in 2005. If you thought you could come in here and rank to 14 realistically in pugs, then that is your own fault. All of this information was available before hand. I promise the same people that are stomping pugs now will also be stomping you in TBC as well. Game rewards try-hards that bring proper group comp, gear, consumes, and voice coms over “skill”.

Gear > Skill > Comp for TBC Arena. I got lucky Gorehowl dropped week one for me in TBC and I went in and dominated Arena. Caused a snowball where my 5s team rapidly all got Arena gear and boosted our rating sky high.

Because of that I was able to carry meme teams like 2x Hunter 1x Warrior in 3s and 2s to 2k and help my friends gear up too.

Also, no consumes in Arena.

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Yes. Just explaining how the try-hards that do this stuff now understand how TBC works, and will be using every advantage they can to be on top in that expansion as well.

So what part of the rules that you just linked are being violated by this?

Cause its not automated, its not a bug exploit, and its not an unfair advantage.

So the only part that could be a violation of the rules is win trading which to do this you have to remove the sentance both before and after win trading where they qualify that the reason it is mentioned is because it is a form of exploiting other players(which this does not do) and stretch the definition of win trading well past its breaking point.

But sure I am the dense one.

Probably. There are fewer advantages to use though. Creates a little more room for not so tryhardy players. Not a lot. But enough so the ones that are actually not bad can try to make a go of it anyway.

At the end of the day though, most of the top spots will still be held by “tryhards”. A different kind of tryhard maybe, the ones that actually understand in-depth pvp matchups beyond just tossing a decent premade together and stomping pugs for pve gear. But tryhards nonetheless.

Also, the wiggle room for not so tryhard players will decrease with every arena season. If you dont stay on top of the gear curve, you fall behind and can become unable to really move up until you catch up again.


you do realize that just means they have to keep the lvl 1 units…

Yes. And we have character caps per server, so less people can participate in it and doing so comes at the expense of how many playable toons you have per server (unless they want to pay Blizzard more money for extra accounts).

The point being: tell me more about how this was legitimate all along.

“Win trading is not exploiting if it benefits everyone(especially the side that cant obtain max pvp armor because they stacked their faction so hard” - tl dr of their arguement

Yes, and if Blizzard agreed with that they would not have hotfixed it.

Once more, I really don’t care. But it’s hilarious to see after so many people were adamantly defending it as a legitimate use of game mechanics, instead of accepting it as a poorly policed loophole.

Got my rank. Got my gear. Affects me in no way. All this did was completely stop rankers on low pop servers from ever reaching r14 without xfering to a higher pop server. Nice win…i guess?

It’s cute that you’re pretending you were ambivalent the whole time, and that you weren’t actively defending the practice.

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It is possible to defend a practice that doesn’t affect you regardless of what you seem to think.

See you next year when TBC or classic++ release, good luck getting your ratings and welfare epics.

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Kind of a silly fix tbh.

Of all the broken things in Classic they fix the thing that helps lessen the rank 14 grind, which was a terrible system to begin with.

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ranking in phase 5 LOL

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Lol ok. Not concerned.