Level 1 Sergeant?

Anyone know how are people getting to this rank on a level 1 toon and getting 2k+ HK?

Pool party!


So report them next time. Duly noted.

For? Pool parties have been around forever and are not a bannable offense. Almost every big PvP server (and large population PvE servers) pool party once per week.

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Pool parties make it easier for EVERYONE to rank by increasing total pool size. Some servers are impossible to even rank up beyond certain ranks without this method due to not enough of a certain faction on the server. Blame blizzard for the system instead of reporting people who are just trying to make a broken system work to SOME degree.


Won’t do anything.

I mean, technically pool parties are kill trading so yeah its exploitative behavior.

Blizzard won’t do anything tho. They don’t seem to care too much about game integrity.


I mean I am not sure how you have exploitative behavior without anyone being exploited… so no technically they are not win trading…

I mean, win trading is basically exactly what it is. You go, you let a bunch of people kill you.

I’m not saying it harms anyone. Things don’t have to harm others to be exploits.


I mean by definition they kinda do…

Not really.

Using Layering glitches to get more boss loots was an exploit and it didn’t hurt anyone. Countless examples of exploitative behavior that didn’t directly harm anyone have been patched out over the years.

Blizzard just picks and chooses with no real consistency which thing they are gonna label an exploit next.


when you use such advantages you are giving yourself an advantage over everyone who does not do them, so yes you are harming other players.

when you do pool parties everyone is given the same boost to the pools so no one is being harmed.

see the difference.


The big difference is that Blizzard’s system for ranking makes it actually impossible to rank beyond rank 12 on certain realms because there is not enough of the faction on that realm to allow ranking. Your comparison is pretty bad. People abusing layering to get multiple TF bindings in a manner of weeks in MC is not even close to the same and you know it. Your scenario is actually potentially game breaking whereas ranking to 14 with pool parties or not, is still a huge endeavor.

If that is your first instinct, then you don’t understand what they are doing.

I would say it’s certainly exploitive, to an extent.

Exploits are typically used to ‘gain an advantage’, there’s no real advantage gained from pool parties because the amount of honor you earn is trivial.

Now if someone were doing this with level 60s that would be one thing but level 1s boosting brackets is completely different.

All things considered, bracket boosting via pool party doesn’t hurt anyone and helps everyone.

Let them go about their business.


Dot is right. There are plenty of victimless crimes IRL but they’re illegal nonetheless. Whatever your personal views are on personal recreational drug use, it’s illegal in many parts of the world to possess and use, and the claim that it isn’t harming anyone doesn’t mitigate that.

I also have no vested interest, but it’s categorically wrong to claim pool parties benefit everyone and therefore they are not exploitative.


Except for the fact that in wow for it to be considered kill trading it needs to be exploitative which means that it needs to be exploiting someone and so there MUST be a victim for it to be a “crime” according to the laws(ToS+CoC) that Blizzard has made.

pool parties have no victims and so cannot be exploitative behavior due to no one being disadvantaged.

So your analogy kinda falls flat when faced with facts.

If you do not think pool parties benefit everyone you do not understand how they and the honor system actually works in classic.

Can you please quote where the EULA, ToS or CoC stipulates that an action must have a victim for it to be considered an exploit?

I have no doubt that there are at least a few players unhappy to see the rank system trivialized by bracket inflating, so it’s disingenuous to claim it benefits everybody. I do understand how the rank system works: it’s terrible. It rewards time over skill and encourages obsessive, unhealthy amounts of playtime. But for better or worse it was intentiomally designed that way for a reason, and this is a method to bypass that design choice.

Nobody likes slow movement speeds. But if I found some tool or trick that gave everybody a base 10% increase to movement speed you could reasonably argue that it benefits everybody, but that would still be an exploit.

It’s not. Because you aren’t killing low lvl players and getting rank 14 that way. You kill to boost the pool size and then play normally so you have afair shot. You still have to play highest bracket for months to go from r13 to 14. And with aq40 out there are easier ways to get better gear.

There are some servers with 3% pop which won’t even get you rank 12. What is why this pool party stuff is important. The other option was to turn rank system into honor token system like in TBC but #nochanges kept that from happening.

Also the bots/afk players are worse and after seeing the bans for those, is clear pool partied are not exploits/cheating given blizzards responses to the former.

Yes it helps the server by unlocking more r14 slots but it doesn’t hand this stuff over. You still have to PvP for hours to log the HKs and honor to convert that into RPs. And you can’t magically rank up 3k alts and magically get rank14 so players that don’t get more than r10 aren’t somehow locked out of getting instant r14.

You still have to grind for months and log 10-16 hours a day to break into your next bracket post r11.

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