Lets Try The New LFG Before We Rage About No LFD

Can we all chill out abit on the topic of LFD?

I for one think we should try the new LFG system for at the most towards the end of the Naxx Tier and see how we like it.

In doing so we can see if we really do need LFD. And if we do we can give Blizz targeted Feedback as to why we need LFD implemented. Maybe we really only need LFD for only older content like Vanilla and TBC dungeons, maybe we also need them for Wrath Normal but not Heroic.

Regardless if LFD is implemented or not, the new LFG UI (using Retails UI) is a HUGE step up from spamming the LFG channel or an addon.

They display the UI in this post:


I think its great! I’m curious for their design choice for showing the raid listings for 25mans. Will it be 25 bubbles showing whats currently in the raid, or will it only show the bubbles they are looking for.

Some people like running more healers, so its not like every raid comp will be static in the number of tanks, healers, and dps

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It’s getting to the point that they should just create a containment Sticky Thread for its ‘discussion’ so that all new threads on the topic can be flagged as spam.

We’ve been trying it for years in retail. I already know it’s crap. Folks will get excluded just because they play certain classes, specs and inferior but capable iLevel. Random dungeon finder let tanks and healers go more than once, this tool doesn’t help the tank shortage.

If I wanted to search for groups with the tool I’d be in retail.


I just don’t see how this is the case. We already have a TBC Group Finder tool that’s almost identical to the one they’re adding. The only major difference between the two is that new one will presumably allow you to list yourself for as many different dungeons as you want, while the TBC one limits you to three max.

All the other changes are cosmetic at best. You get a “request to join” button that you press instead of whispering “inv”, and that sort of stuff. Sure, getting some tweaks is nice, but is this really going to be a massive game changer?

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Yes, lets accept the retail tool instead of the wrath tool.

Congratz anti-RDF people you have made classic more like retail! it won’t stop there hope you are happy! :slight_smile:


Well alot of people will likely use it. I know I will, the main reason why I don’t use the current TBC LFG tool is because it sucks and has a bad UI.

A UI facelift can make a huge difference.


I’m really excited for the LFG tool and it’s exactly what I wanted to see in the game since vanilla classic.

TBC and onward isn’t Classic so nothing is lost in that regard

It’s the retail tool, we’ve already used it.


I find it funny they were pushing how RDF was against the social fabric of classic and then… put in a tool that is just as antisocial as RDF.


It basically is, but we don’t have it in Classic TBC right now.

Actually, it’s probably more anti-social as it lets us actively discriminate.


The API to get your threat details is also from retail. Raiding in classic and TBC without that information would be frustrating

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and it will have all the same problem retail’s tool has.

Get ready for the spam

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Not everyone uses the addon. Having the system built into the game will increase participation by a huge amount. And for group building systems you need participation to have it work.

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Several of us play on retail - it is the exact same system with the exact same problems.

But but but… they said advertising is illegal!