Lets see if I get banned

Appreciate that.

I’m glad I don’t have to worry about nonsense like this in wrath. I can do whatever I want with my gold, which is how a tradable currency is supposed to work.

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“Please somebody watch my stream!”

Group found boe, man splits boe, nothing wrong with this.

The problem is, if you do get banned, they’ll just say you deserved it/did something wrong but hid it etc, the forums are just a place for the two tribes to fight, neither of them are rational

Your ban thread would go the same way as any other, the npcs have complete faith in blizzard’s automation, the “L goldbuyer” posts would be just as plentiful even with evidence because they’d just disregard the evidence

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Drop the banhammer…no mercy.

player caused issue, if there weren’t such a significant portion of player’s doing the illicit thing, it wouldn’t even be on the radar.

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More likely to get banned on the forums for self-promoting your twitch channel lol

No, actually: unless he gets banned, it proves the opposite.

No, dude, here’s reality: no one has any reason to trust any of you, especially when you act like pricks because people don’t automatically believe you over a company with access to background information and data you do not have.

If you want to convince reasonable people you’re right and Blizzard is lying, the bar is much higher than posting anonymously on a forum without evidence. That’s on you, not Blizzard or skeptics. Stop with the entitlement.

You have every right to post your opinion here. You have no right to demand anyone take your opinions seriously.

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As long as this isn’t some guise to make an upset if you are actually just doing GDKP raid and using this to cause outrage, it would be pretty ridiculous for a BOE split to cause a ban. As its not the same thing.

My guild and I have been anti-GDKP from the day is sprouted up years ago. We even run an anti-GDKP Discord and do no permit GDKP runners to join the guild. Just not something we like to be involved with.

I can assure you, we have never and will never run GDKPs.

I will definitely update you guys if this results in anything.


I agree which is why i said “(hopefully none/and you don’t get banned).” unquote. I really hope he does not get actioned as Aggrend straight up just said on X (twitter) that people like OP will not be suspended for this stuff.

right on queue, i’m not saying blizzard is “lying”, i’m saying that they can and have suspended people based on false positives

They’ve admitted it can happen, even Aggrend’s quote says it.

And I never submitted false bans don’t happen. But that’s a far cry from false bans being problematic or common enough to warrant stopping efforts to combat RMT.

them and every other games developer with similar systems in place for monitoring player actions/behavior/communication, it’s nothing new, why single them out over false positives? Should they look to see if they can avoid it in future when it does happen Absolutely, but very naive of you to assume it will be the same case and context every single time.

How much can you really trust what half the people on the internet are telling you about “i didn’t buy gold” or anything similar, you can’t, you don’t have the data that blizzard would have access to on their back end, is it infallible? no, is any similar system? no, will there be hiccups? absolutely.

I would be surprised if this was considered in violation of their GDKP ban rules. I would think the GDKP ban rules would only apply to exchanging BoP drops for currencies.

This is some weird fan fic to be writing.

Update: 02/27/2024

Still not banned.

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