Lets see if I get banned

Wait, you actually believe those stories you read on reddit? Because no one on reddit has ever lied, right? That would be illegal.

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We have the right to vote with our wallet and not play the game, which is exactly what OP said they would do if they got banned for something like this

You’ll get banned, but it will be after you think the coast is clear and you just got the bis you’ve been wanting.

Already starting to sound like the beginning of a suspension appeal ticket XD

HA! Truly.

Hahaha! That’s definitely how it’s going to play out.

That is how these tend to work, which makes false bans very hard to appeal.

If you get a suspension for something that happened within the last week, it’s very hard to explain yourself to a GM, because you could have no idea what flagged you in their system.

In that very position myself, unfortunately, though I figured out what I got banned for, and to an outsider it does look like RMT.

Chat logs would clear my case but I’m not too sure blizzard has the staff or gives the GMs enough time to look over the tickets. Or maybe people are just jaded and think RMT is a bigger problem than it is.

Yeah throw us an update in like a month even if you dont get banned. Legitimately curious on this subject ever since I started hearing about people getting banned for sell-and-splits.

Were they actually banned for that? Or were they just gold buyers coping?

My story is some guy was buying a stack of crafting mats off me and used several different characters on different accounts to pay for them.

Caught a suspension and the appeal was declined.

So yes, things like this are happening at the moment.

Everyone complaining? Probably not. 25% of people complaining about it?

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Sounds like if you are innocent and not just lying, the guy buying from you might have been a gold buyer instead and you got caught up in his illegal activity.

I think that’s probably the case

Nice post tbh i’m glad someone made something like this. It will show faults in Blizzard. (hopefully none/and you don’t get banned). But tbh I wouldn’t read replies on forums or even reply back to people on forums bc the forum community is 99% of the time an aggressive brat irl who cries out nonsense, no facts and just spews negativity to anything that is opposition of their own/opinions. Gl tho brother!

I will be sure to do that!

Appreciate some positivity for once. Thanks man!

I pray for you brother!

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I doubt it. But just in case… Bye.

Blizzard is always ready with the ban hammer to tear down the people who do nothing wrong.

At no point in the appeal process do you get to ‘explain yourself’. Each time you appeal, a fresh set of eyes, reviews the logs to see if a mistake has been made. You don’t get to argue your case.


That’s not true.

If you know what caused an account action, you can explain what happened on your end and that information can be critical for the reviewer in determining the outcome of the review.

I’ve been through the appeal process before… it took 2 weeks to get an actual response from a person with some explanation. It was mostly just automated messages saying, “the ruling stands and here is a link to the rules.”

Keep appealing. Ask for the chat logs. It takes a few attempts and a lot of headaches. I’m sorry that you are going through this and you were a casualty. It really sucks. But keep appealing. Keep asking questions. You do eventually get a live person instead of some AI autoreply.

Just like when Alliance didn’t get shamans.

don’t announce
just bounce

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