Lets see if I get banned

Underworld Band dropped in Gnomer. I was responsible for selling it and splitting it 10 ways so each member got a cut.

I documented the entire thing for your enjoyment! I will fill you in if/when I get banned.

twitch .tv/videos/2074068174


See you in 14 days brother


people here are gonna say you deserve it because this makes you a GDKPer :roll_eyes:


No you won’t lol.

If I get banned for doing something NOT against ToS. I’m not coming back.


Just to be clear, you are saying you exchanged gold for an item right?


They were pretty ambiguous but stated in an interview that any gold exchanges for items is frowned on and could lead to a ban

Some folks took this to mean some pretty wild stuff but I think they we just being obtuse

Its boe.

The anti gdkp rules were for bop items.

You should be fine.

No. I am not.

I guess not everyone is going to watch a video so let me elaborate in text.

A BoE item dropped in a raid. I sold it on the AH, I split the gold 10 ways.

No one in the raid got an item for gold. We don’t do GDKPs and have stood against GDKPs since they spawned.

Do people think they have rights here? The Terms are to protect Blizzard, not you.

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“We’re defining GDKP as any raid or dungeon run where items are awarded in exchange for gold” some blizzard guy

Um. Ok? And?

I’m saying. If I get banned for something that is not against ToS. I am not playing anymore.

What does this have to do with protecting Blizzard or me?


So you’re looking for a reason to stop playing?



I mean…I’m not going to support a company that treats me like crap…ever.

So far no real issues, but if they refuse to investigate this and hit me with a ban, I’m out.

Does that really seem unreasonable to you?


You’re the one who brought up the ToS. You should think of this place as being on someone’s private property. They can kick you out for any reason they want. It’s just not good business.

As far as not supporting a company that treats you like crap…why are you still here now? If we all quit over that, this game would have no players.

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I FEEL YOU LOL - Being a master looter is terrible rn

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Luckily his video portrait was able to hide the RMT “ty sir/bro” package mails when he opened up the auction buy-out mail.

Title should be edited to, “Streamer Gets 10 Players Banned by Sending Everyone Gold Cut After Raid”

I don’t feel they’ve treated me like crap.

Are you trying to be difficult or what? Can you really not understand someone not wanting to support a company that treats them poorly?

Surely no one is this dumb.

I lol’d.

But seriously, RMT BAD!

OP isn’t getting banned because all the people saying they got banned for doing something similar were just trying to misdirect others by lying about how they got banned.


yes, blizzard’s automatic AI detection system is literally perfect with zero false positives :clown_face:


This lol – we’ve seen a few posts on the same topic (claiming to sell a BOE item and split the gold between raid members), and I bet 99% of the cases are just RMTers looking for an excuse

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