Lets Be Real Here. You are All Going to Play SL

Usually when I start thinking wow is bad I go look at games like FF14 or Neverwinter and I realize why I still play wow XD

I will eventually get there but there are still areas I want to explore but I haven’t been here very long anyways and I am not in a hurry.

Yep, and I’m counting the days before we take Corruption, Essences, Azerite Traits, Azerite Power, Titanforging, Warforging and Horrific Visions… and throwing them in the dumpster.

They could simply do that, replace it with nothing, and call it “Shadowlands”… and still wind up with a better product than BFA.

Yeah Blizzard know this too, that’s why they keep slinging their $hitty systems at us no matter how much we rabble about them lol!

I never believe any of the “I am quitting” thread because I always see those same people continuing to post at a later date.

Hopefully I will play Shadowlands with a tail.


Meh, i skipped wod and if i knew how bad BFA was going to be I probably would have skipped that too but legion was decent so i gave bfa a chance. Now shadowlands looks to be following in BFAs footsteps.

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I’ll play it. I just need to figure out what class won’t require me to need different souls binds, conduits, covenants to perform optimally depending on spec. I don’t really care about the “RPG” element. We will see all the zones while leveling and from what I’m reading the quests are pretty close to the same for everyone so it doesn’t matter

Won’t miss this one but I haven’t pre-ordered yet, not one to just buy as fast as possible like to wait and watch a bit. but will get them at some point going to cost 400 dollars to cover all my multi boxing accounts so i will get three primary accounts started then wait for some price drops before getting rest onboard.

After having played bfa you can only go up, right? RIGHT!?

Of course I’m going to play SL. I think the systems look very fun and interesting, if not a tad bit overwhelming by the sheer number of them. I like the idea of being locked in to a covenant.

That being said, I don’t preorder video games, because it just leads to lower quality games. I’ll buy Shadowlands on the day of release.

All these systems sound like a Clusteryouknowwhat. But im in it for the ride. Its my daily game. Im not dropping it

I might play 9.1-9.3.
Don’t see any points in playing what I’m seeing right now on the beta.
Good luck with 9.0
If BFA made me learn anything is that if I find a patch fun I can just dip in/dip out.

To be honest not looking forward to leveling 10 levels again,heck I have even finished my last two alts of 12 to 120.The idea of needing a class copy of every spec I use for covenants sounds horrid if you can’t switch easily as you please.

Nice try, Ion, but I’ve already unsubbed; my time ends tomorrow.

I won’t be back until you are no longer the game director: fired, demoted, quit…I don’t care how it happens, just as long as it does. You’ve ruined this game with all of your endless rng, systems on systems, and annoying time gates on everything.

I will, however, continue to read the forums just to chuckle at the continued decline of WoW in crapperland.


I’m just happy to have new WoW content. I’ll reserve judgement on how good it is.

Have never once said I would not play shadowlands. In Fact I’m really looking forward to it.

I will- most of the gripes with it are legit, and I see it having similar quality progression/raiding and people min/maxing covenants and shunning people who don’t we all expect.

But even for bad xpacs I pretty much always enjoy the first chunk of it, the stories and the leveling the first time around. Even just a bit of time is enough to enjoy the atmosphere and covenants.

But having a decent first month or so doesn’t mean it’ll be a good xpac- some xpacs manage to retain subs for the most part, others pull a Cata, WoD or BfA and deplete subs massively because they suck- and the thing is, every time they bring out a garbage xpac, the bounce back becomes smaller as they permanently turn off another group of players.

The only reason there’s some bounce back at all is because they rotate between good xpacs and bad- but putting two back to back horrid xpacs, BfA and SL, together is going to permanently halve the playerbase from what they had in Legion.

Yep. I can’t wait to cruise the Shadowlands in my Model W, mechagnoming it up all over the place. Also, I’ll finally be able to have the gold dome I’ve always wanted for this character but haven’t been able to get because of MALE MECHAGNOME PRIVILEGE.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion and all, but I don’t understand people living in the past with this game and video games in general. Times change; people change; games change. Change is inevitable, so embrace it. For good or ill, this game is different from what it was in the past and will be different than it is now in the future.

If it’s still fun for you, stick around. If not, stop logging hours in it, because the only way Blizz will listen to you is if you stop paying them and/or stop increasing their played time metric.

This made me chuckle.