Let the rise of pure PvP begin!

It was only a matter of time before BG’s were going to get released. The common prediction was going to be WSG (which we got).

Though, I have to admit that I did not expect AV to be released. This is a pleasant surprise, and one that I welcome.

Now those who like large scale PvP will get to experience that through AV, while those who like the small scale PvP will be able to play WSG.

Seems like battlegrounds are happening on a PvP server.


I’m more surprised that they’re only releasing 2 out of the 3 battlegrounds if they’re releasing any more than one. Seems strange to leave out AB.

Can finally bg without constant temple of crap bgs

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So many #nOcHaNgEs zoomers are mad about this LOL. I’m pretty excited. Glad blizzards not falling for the whole vocal minority thing again like they used to.