Let monks use their weapons

Let monks use their weapons please what happened to the mop intro and the end result it’s just a stat stick

Am I the only one bothered by the fact I have these cool flashy awsome weapons I transmogged on my back but they never get used ? They just sit there

It’s the only thing stopping me from playing a monk


Would it change how disarm works against us in pvp? I’d kinda rather just punch people with weps on my back if so.


I play monk to punch dragons in the face. If I wanted to use my weapons and still be a agile kicker I would have rolled a rogue.

Let’s keep our only unique thing which is fighting with only fist and feet, if anything we need to add more chi attacks. Some RYU/KEN or Dragonball style finishers.


I’d love the option or even the glyphs to use weapons again. We see monks in game using staves and such so why not?


I felt like that in D3 playing a monk too. Would love to use the weapon for some animations.

Would be cool to see some casting animations use your weapon too like planting your staff in the ground etc. Doubt that’s something we’ll see any time soon though.


Back in BFA, Brewmasters used to use their weapon with Blackout Strike. Now, it’s Blackout Kick like the others.

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This is the dumbest argument, imo. Glyphs exist. Just have a glyph (like before) that makes it so that you only punch people.

People that think that all monks can do, know absolutely nothing about magical monks or even real world monks. Real Life Monks are masters of a huge variety weapons. Swords, bows, daggers, polearms, spears, throwing weapons, etc. Hell, the classic POOF SNEAK ATTACK POOF ninjas are actually Shadow Monks, not Rogues. Even monks in WoW are shown using weapons and magical ninja moves in MoP.


Im a real life monk. Literally own a chain of Dojo’s in central Florida and lived in Okinawa. We punch and kick and grapple. No one in the martial arts world fights with weapons. Sure they might get up there and preform kata with them but you will never hit a person with a live weapon in training.

Don’t ever come at me with “Real Life Monks” nonsense.


You are not a real life monk. You are a martial artist at best, Steven Seagal at worst.


You play monk cause of the fantasy of using your bare fists to fight.

If you want to use your weapons play a rogue.


I play a monk because I like being a mystical martial artist, a martial artist that infact wields weapons.
I would like to use the items I have equipped.
There’s nothing wrong with allowing the use of weapons via glyphs.
The stance people have in here that you have to be one or the other is a joke.
Rogues with their weapons still do not do the same thing we do.
You will find that even if we used weapons, we still have kicks and jabs, and likely would not all go away.


I miss using weapons, I wish there were a glyph to re-enable them. Weapons have always been a major component of martial arts themes and fantasies, and it’s unfortunate to have lost that aspect of the class.

In my dojo we practiced with swords, staves and escrima sticks. Staff was my favourite.

Edit: And yes, we practiced actual combat with them. Boffer versions, not live weapons. Also with heavy sparring gear.


Brought something up that’s similar last year.

[Suggestion] Celestials themed animations - Classes / Monk - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Fist weapons are the only weapons that you actually use, the rest just sit on your back. Monks fit my playstyle considering I use to teach taekwondo for a living for over a decade, rolled one as soon as they came out, but like Jdeez said, disarm weapon doesn’t work on us, so if using weapons makes it so players can, then that’ll be a nope from me, dawg, lol.

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yea let em suck on our toes when we kick em in the face.

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Yeah oooookkkkk there buddy. Probably just some middle aged balding white guy, Steven Seagul wannabe. Not even close to being a real Monk. Get to level 60 Monk in WoW then we will see lmao.

Hi there wanna be youtuber Glaxyfist… but without the gladiator achievements. The Walmart version of Galaxyfist.

First I am Japanese and French, so Asian and Latin. Not that my ethnicity matters at all when it comes to religion. And being a monk is religious. You can be a shinto monk (like me) a buddhist monk (if you don’t like meat) a hindu monk and even a Christian Catholic monk. Yes even Christians can be monks.

Balding white guy… well we established I’m asain and latin… so thats out. Then luckly my asain gentics prevents the balding part.

Now the middle age part. Yes I am middle age. I have literally spent my youth living in Asia training in Martial Arts before immigrating to America. I have then gone from nothing to starting a business, a single dojo, into a franchise that spans half of a state. While I am sure there are people in this world who have achieved such a feat in their teens/twenties, they would be the exception to the rule and not the actual rule. So yes, your are correct on my middle age. But a broken clock is correct twice a day also. So what have your created in your time on this planet? Do you have a business that you built from the ground up that now reaches across an entire state?

The great part about your insult of “Wannabe Steven Seagul” tells me you are not a martial artist at all. Like not even a shopping mall Taekwondo person. Everyone that actually does martial arts knows being called a Steven Seagul is the insult in it’s self. It is the equivalent of being called a fraud… since that guy is an actual fraud. The guy who’s curtails you tried to ride called me a “Steven Seagul at worst” (not a wannabe) because he at some point in his life practiced martial arts. You though have proven you have never practiced. You don’t know the terms and insults commonly used in the martial arts world. You’re an outsider of the martial arts world commenting on actual martial artists.

Anyway good luck in wow since your achieves show you have not done anything in game and good luck in maybe one day stepping onto the mat for real training which your insults prove you have not done yet.


There were a lot of different types of monks in ancient times that used weapons. You say you live in Japan like that gives you some kind of intellectual authority but apparently have never heard of Sohei?

Also in HEMA we use real weapons all the time.

Do me a favor and slap yourself for me and stop posting.

First my being born in Japan and growing up there doesn’t give me any intellectual authority on martial arts but my spending more time training on a mat than most of you have spent on this earth does.

Hema doesn’t fight with live weapons and for the most is just a new version of LARP.

Hema will dance around doing their versions of two person kata. It is 100% choreographed. But the sparring is those big foam sword you see the LARPers use and rarely they will use blunt (hence not live) sword with zero edge on it. No one is using live weapons in the martial arts community today for fighting.


Oh wow, you actually have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about…yikes. How does your post have so many likes when it is just factually incorrect?

yep, sure is choreographed larping with foam swords…whether the sword is blunt or not doesn’t matter, the point is it’s a real sword and the hits are real, HEMA isn’t about slashing and cutting anyway, it’s about poking and bashing, a blunt weapon can be just as deadly as a sharp one
my brother in christ PLEASE stop posting

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