Less Game Play Less Sub Fee?


You cut our potential game playing time down by 75% to 6 hours. Would it be unhealthy to hit 24 hours straight of instance grinding? Sure its unhealthy but thats my decision not yours. When you limit how much I can play the game, you have taken my subscription fee which I paid for a service and then you limited that service AFTER I paid my sub.

Going forward if the game is less playable…then the subscription should be lower


They just made minmaxing take longer to do.

Quit. That or post on your mage


I could totally get behind a discount based on play time make the no lifers pay their fair share for the resources they are using up.


LOL okay 85 dwarf shaman

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The monthly sub has been the same since the game’s inception. But I’m sure you will be able to convince them.


People seem to forget that we are playing in Blizzard’s game, on Blizzard’s servers, with Blizzard’s rules…

I’m not saying that I agree with the instance cap—I don’t.

But let’s be real…you were always and always will be at the mercy of Blizzard’s decisions as far as updates/patches/bug fixes/mechanics etc. goes. Just unsubscribe if you don’t like that notion. Not even being salty about it—that may be the most effective way to get the point across…sub cancellation.


in my mind…after I paid the 30 day subscription. I’m kinda locked into a product I paid for. If the product changes, then it wasnt really what I paid for. If I renew the sub after the change then that was on me…


People seem to forget that we are playing in Blizzard’s game, on Blizzard’s servers, with Blizzard’s rules…

People seem to forget the only reason Blizzard came out with Classic servers is because they knew the masses wanted it, they knew they were losing the battle with private servers.

Changes like the one that just happened will only push people back to private servers.

Blizzard needs to actually listen to it’s player base before they alienate them further.

First, it’s 15 bucks, calm down karen. And go read the TOS, EULA, whatever. Their product, they can do whatever they want with it when they want.


Let them learn the hard way then, I say.

Either flood the forum with our displeasure or unsubscribe.

Perhaps you should reread the end user agreement you agreed to when you began playing.

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People are doing that, and Blizzard isn’t listening.


Let it play out…it’s been a few days.

You can’t expect instant turnover on reversing a decision like this.

A wild mage appears

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Not really, they were shutting them down pretty regularly. However, shutting them down cost money and they were finally convinced that they could make back the money they would spend on Classic servers. Like any business decision it came down to a CBA of the alternatives. Plus I’m sure at least some of the Blizzard folks liked the idea of Classic servers.

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This weekend will be the real test to see what % of the Pop can actually hit the 30 lockouts in legitimate ways. Im talking about the Friday night grinding and get up Saturday afternoon and hit lockout before raid type of stuff

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“Legitimate” being bypassing 99% of instance content to chain run a single high value boss, selling and receiving boosts for gold, and fishing for rares by abusing the instance reset mechanic?


I admittedly have not read it—but I’m sure that most MMORPG’s ToS have some baked in language/clause addressing updates/changes and how they can alter your in-game experience?