Less Game Play Less Sub Fee?

Not really, they were shutting them down pretty regularly. However, shutting them down cost money and they were finally convinced that they could make back the money they would spend on Classic servers. Like any business decision it came down to a CBA of the alternatives. Plus I’m sure at least some of the Blizzard folks liked the idea of Classic servers.

The President of Blizzard, himself, spoke out against Classic.

J Allen Brack (first 15 seconds) talking about his distain for Classic Servers.

“at least some”

…being the operative words there.

And that distain lasted until someone showed him a CBA breakdown that demonstrated how they’d profit from Classic Servers versus just chasing down and closing private servers for IP theft.

And that distain lasted until someone showed him a CBA breakdown that demonstrated how they’d profit from Classic Servers versus just chasing down and closing private servers for IP theft.

Yep, agreed, which is why this change is not that great. It’s only implementational purpose is to create more subscription revenue from the bot accounts.

But, you can also go back and watch the last 2 Blizzcon’s where J Allen Brack still had distain and disgust on his face anytime he mentioned Classic. He does not want it, at all, ever.

You think fishing for Jed or only trying to kill a specific boss in a dungeon is abusing the game mechanics?

You think theres a line drawn between when a lvl 60 helps out a friend in the open world on some “hogger” type quest and when that lvl 60 zones into a dungeon with that same friend to help them?

You think that Druids who have found a way to creatively be steadfast tanks with less worries about threat are breaking game mechanics by trying to accumulate a specific game item which helps their class?

What makes that item any different than accumulating demonic runes in the open world or any other rare class specific item.

A majority of the outcry is pouring in from people complaining about mages boosting making 200+g per hour when they forget that mages can still AOE in open world environments and make plenty of gold outside of dungeons. The boosting game brought in more gold sure, but it also brought in ways that you could personally help your guildmates, friends, or make new friends with strangers who were leveling along the way. I still to this day play with some of the toons I leveled through SM and MARA.

This fix, while it really only affects the “hardcore” players. I’d say the population of Classic is way more Hardcore players than we think. Its a 15 year old MMORPG that rewarded endless hours played with tiny gear upgrades through PvP. How many casual players are there really? 50%? 75%? 85%? Id say no more than that imo.

Maybe I’m just on a server where I see the same 500-700 people playing ALL day long or maybe Covid is keeping these folks online. But they are there. We are here playing the game we love

Well, I don’t agree. I personally believe it helps with bot control, and was probably also to moderate a behavoir that seems much worse in Classic than I remember it being in Vanilla.

But, they have the metrics and it will be inetersting to see how it plays out in the long run.

The change doesn’t really help bot control though, it only further exacerbates the problem. Bot accounts are making money hand-over-fist and will just purchase another account, boost themselves, and use the new account to do more boosting in the long run… further allowing them to keep their income flow top notch.

Blizzard benefits.
Botters say the same or are slightly worse off.
The average player suffers the most.

That is your opinion, I think it can very well be a beneficial part of an overall bot control strategy as well as maybe curbing a behavior they find excessive.

Curbing botting is a full time effort, a war of attrition, where Blizzard does everything they can to make it less profitable. Nothing will likely ever completely stop bots. They best that can be hoped for is to get them under control where they don’t ruin the game experince for non-botters.

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Today is June of 2020 and this was taken from their EULA that was last updated June of 2018

You wrote in your OP -

How does that interact with this from the EULA that was last written two years ago?

Blizzard may change, modify, suspend, or discontinue any aspect of the Platform or Accounts at any time, including removing items, or revising the effectiveness of items in an effort to balance a Game. Blizzard may also impose limits on certain features or restrict your access to parts or all of the Platform or Accounts without notice or liability.


Subscription shouldnt exsist on a 15 year old game anyways… It is dumb people have to pay for WoW CLASSIC. If anything blizzard should take away F2P in Retail and allow full access F2P in Classic…

Fishing for Jed is clearly abusing the instance reset mechanic. You should be thankful that they tolerate it and do not stamp it out entirely.

The important aspect is the frequency. Occasionally helping out a friend or guildy is vastly different from boosting as a literal business.

I have been farming MCPs for future raids and I have yet to come remotely close to running 30 times a day with a bank full of them. Stop pretending you care about the lowly druid’s plight.

Again, stop pretending this is putting a damper on your charity.


Yeah so I went ahead and cancelled my sub. Less game play, they going to get less fee. Dropping it to zero.

Solid change.

Now I charge more per boost run.

Also next change should be to make MCP unique. That will fix the druids, so they don’t need to worry about farming them.

Druids farm MCPs just fine. But hey, thanks for pretending you care, mage #97697859867484.

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Thanks for the useless input as always level 54 druid.

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They should limit the number of jumps per day too. Let’s not stop with this fix. I’m sure blizzard can think of something even more stupid

They did limit the amount of jump runs with this fix rofl…

It’s 30 jumps a day bud.

Unless you meant literally jumping in game haha.

I meant literal jumping

to chicken to actually post on your classic toon calling out others for not posting on a 60 toon…the irony …You are probably to stupid to even understand that …

Don’t you know that being a mage makes your opinion completely invalid?