Leion Assault Scenario - Highmountain - Bugged

If you kill the demon too fast prior to Mayla’s escort, she doesn’t continue on outside to the Eagles. Being 120 it’s difficult not to kill the demon too fast. Please fix this. Or better yet, make the scenarios solo ques for 120s.


I also experienced this same problem today.

I can confirm this just happened to me. Still not fixed as of 5/3/2020

Still a serious issue as of June 26, 2020. All players have to leave the instance, inflicting a 30 min no-queue debuff on them. Terrible.

All they should need to go is change Mayla’s trigger from being attacked to something like a timer from the point of summoning.

I’ve just learned to accept the fact that Blizzard just doesn’t care about prior content and doesn’t wish to make any of us happy.

Just happened to me as of today 07/14/20 - DISGUSTING BLIZZ

Just take all of your gear off and only auto attack. That’s how I’ve dealt with it when I’ve had to do it. It is inconvenient but it’s not a game-breaking issue.

The problem is that you’re one of three people and can only control yourself. Being aware of this bug I told the other two people not to dps the mob right when it came out but they didn’t listen. Luckily the bug appears inconsistent so it didn’t ruin that scenario, but it could have very well done so and not been my fault.

Just happened to me 8/1/2020 didnt know it was an issue that you couldnt kill the mobs fast…could blizzard do anything about it? Or do they just not care about past expansions at all anymore?

Still an issue as of 8/14/2020. People instantly kill the lieutenant that spawns and it bugs Mayla, leaving the scenario in a state where it cannot be completed and also gives you a 30 minute deserter debuff when you leave.