Legion was the worst xpac of all time

Let me explain why this garbage xpac was not good for all of you too brain washed by big numbers and feeling like it made you important

Start off the class design was horrible
They complete removed combat and turned it into outlaw, went from a very predictable damage model to the most RNG model in the game and we still haven’t recovered from that

Deleted ranged survival, replaced it and has to rework it and left it broken for 2 xpacs, I love melee hunters personally but what they did was dumb still

Created cooldown specs
Unholy used to be a nice consistent damage monster class, they then turned it into a pet class where all it’s damage is loaded into a long CD and a smaller one that does the exact same thing, which is half as bad as what they did to frost because you needed to play BoS and have the same thing happen or just suck

This is all pre launch as well, what they did after was even more stupid

In MoP they made a melee leather class that can dash forwards and spawn orbs when they kill stuff

In legion they made a melee leather class that can dash forwards and spawn orbs when they kill stuff, it just traded a whole spec which they’ve never had filled for being an easy monk with no heals
They also decided it would be a grand idea to give them a weapon to use that no one else can that still plagues our drop tables

They then decided to remove gear from PvP, added poorly balanced templates then had to scrap it after because PvP dropped off the planet and became dubbed a side activity

Now we start playing the game, what’s happened?
A faction leader got killed off screen by a trash mob, the player does a small quest that we breeze through with no difficulty at all to pick up a super weapon and become the chosen one
You then arrive at either a reused sewer or damn giant temple where everyone else was also apparently the chosen one and now has the same weapon you do

The first raid tier has dropped, the good news is you’ve become the elite of players and acquired a legendary - either a stat stick useless neck or an item that means you can play your spec and not get benched
Where did you get that legendary? Oh you see all I did was crack some nuts at a quest hub and found it in a box

First week of raiding was fun right? I agree - let’s gutter stomp nerf like some classes and make people reroll their spec and discover the first pain of AP that has never stopped hurting until this day

What about the players? How are they doing?
Pretty good, everyone has a million health and at least 1 ability that explodes a HP bar, we are all decked out in legendaries because blizzard decided to make them participation trophies, whilst running around with trinkets that titanforged. That guy over there with 100 kills in PvP? His honour level is 499 because he did all the world quests every day.
The casuals and the elites rub shoulders do much they decided they have to seperate themselves into 2 factions and scream at each other or else the role players that now have inflated egos after being called champions too many time’s starts saying they are in love

And players loved this trash so much blizzard keep trying to emulate it because people got brain washed into somehow thinking passive talents were boring unless they were put on AP systems

I know it, you all know it

Legion sucked

Honourable mention for level scaling, it seems blizzard gave up trying to balance things around players going from 5 digit dps to 7 and decided now was a good time to put in a hidden system to mess around with numbers that would carry on into this day, ruining a whole xpac after it to needing reapingflames and a damaging trinket to kill someone because they did x3 the damage of your hardest hitting move on a non crit


That is one of the windiest troll/bait posts I’ve seen in a while.


Bet you didn’t even read it

Also to add they broke shadow priest design so bad in this xpac they pretty much had to gut it and remake it before shadow priest players started flipping cars in major cities


I don’t have to take a bite of a sh*t sandwich to know I won’t enjoy it.


That title belongs to Cata.


Nope. Legion is my 2nd favorite expansion with MoP being my favorite.


It doesn’t even have a TL;DR at the end. It’s absurd.


OK but did you know that pineapple on pizza is still an abomination?


How do you know it’s a bait post then?

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What was so terrible about Cata? Besides “iT rUiNeD mEh cLaSsIc”


Gotta say this made me laugh. Reminds me of the screenshots I was taking of the hundred paladins with their hundred Ashbringers in the class hall in launch week.

“You’re all individuals!”


Hey, that nut-cracking and squirrel-clicking was hardcore competition for a while there. And this was BEFORE Blizzard got into a hardcore faction-tag fetish in the last BfA patch and on into Shadowlands…

tightly clutches welfare pvp ponies and laughs in amusement

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No waii , bacon with chocolate is worse

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My Nutella pizza is superior.

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I’m pretty good at quickly scanning through documents. Your key points and language were all designed to be controversial, purely to bait a reaction.

Go back under your bridge.

Go on.


Cata changed the game into a formless slurry of unfunny pop-culture references instead of more seriously-taken self-contained stories…


And it’s better now? Is that what you are saying?

Cause it’s literally the same garbage, if not even worse.

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I actually enjoyed most of Cata. The only part I HATED was Vashj’ir but Deepholm is still one of my all time favorite zones.


I just remember picked up my dreadblades the hooning over time a tmog vendor because I didn’t like the model and didn’t have to tmog my weapon for the rest of an xpac

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Nope I even said the ball is still rolling on broken specs

We all thought that flaming titan we didn’t even get to fight tried to stab the world soul or what ever, clearly he missed and stabbed it in class design


I don’t think it’s a bait post. It’s a reminder of the crap we dealt with in Legion because it’s been long enough that people forgot.