Legion Elite Season 5, 6, 7 for Mage Mismatch Gear

I have attached to files that show the issue I am receiving. This not only affects me but also anyone who wears this set. The color scheme was originally all rich purple/silver/gray. Now it is blended with Normal Antorus tier. This is an elite set thus no longer obtainable in game. I was told before it was client-side only for a GM to log in and realize it is a game bug.

See Attached Screenshot on Imgur .com/a/afipw8t (copy paste into address bar)

I have submitted tickets/bug reports/forum posts

A GM has told me the following:

"Thanks for getting back to me on this! I appreciate the screenshots. I did see where you contacted us about this a few months ago, but I haven’t seen any updates on this one way or the other.

Unfortunately, this is something that will need developer attention to address, and they receive that feedback from the bug reports in-game and the forums. There isn’t anyone here in Customer Support who can “fix this” or no one I can send your issue to. You’re going to have to keep submitting the suggestions or bug reports in-game and posting on the forums. There’s no need to do it every day or anything like that, as they will receive it the one time you put it, but I’m afraid this isn’t something we’ll be able to address here and now.

We definitely hate being the bearer of such news, and we know this wasn’t the best answer to hear. All things considered, we do hope you have a great day. Take care."

I am submitting here with hopes it will be seen/resolved. This has been a bug since the launch of N’zoth’s patch.

UPDATE 7/13/2020:

Please see image for issue at hand. This image explains the issue perfectly


Still waiting on this!

Can confirm it shows on preview for void elves as well

Pretty sad how you contact someone in the company and rather than pass the info on they expect you to make another point of contact.


Exactly why I am absolutely out of touch with Blizzard’s support system. I liked it when you could actually call and speak with someone about your issue. I’ve had this problem since LAUNCH of 8.3

They said “Open a ticket or post on the forums” I feel like I’m putting a needle in a haystack in hopes of being seen to get it resolved.

I didn’t post the previous ticket they responded too earlier this year when they actually took the time to log in to my account and see the issue first hand. I’d thought maybe then it would be fixed but no.

Another reset, still relevant

Any update? The discoloration also shows on wowhead as well.

Has to be a small amount of mages affected by this… It’s still an inconvenience. However I can say the set is still showing as mis-match.

Here is a wowhead link to the set

There are normal tier pieces blended with elite. This shows exactly how it’s displayed on wowhead in game. It’s incorrectly painted. The helmet itself is the normal tier helm entirely. It is missing it’s texture.

Been dealing with this problem since 8.3 It isn’t just the Legion Elite set it’s also the Mythic Recolor soooooooooooooooooo fix it soon please.

See link from this post here THIS IS STILL OCCURRING!

Louder mage voice!

I had not noticed this also affected the Mythic Tier 21 set for mages as well. Here is a WoWhead link to see the same discoloration that happens with the Tier 21 Mage Elite Set

This is how it appears in game, really an eyesore for all who seek to mog it.

Still no chance of hotfix or update :frowning:

Bruh please fix this sh*

Help my fellow brethren

Please blizzard

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Wearing the mythic Antorus gloves and yes, some of the 3D elements of the gear are the colors of the normal set instead!
I don’t want to imagine how awful it must feels for you, elite pvpers… T_T

Done a little collage from ingame( copy/past and remove the space):
imgur. com/a/gzp42Mo

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You’ve no idea how awful it is, I want to mog it so bad but just cant!

Wearing Mythic Antorus and also Elite Recolor still giving issues, hoping for a fix this coming reset.

Thank you,
Mage Player

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