Legacy Raid Power is Borked

Who didn’t see this one coming?

Mythic arch - 17 seconds on last kill, 37 seconds tonight.

LFR Aggramar - last kill 45 seconds, tonight 91 seconds AND I got hit by the knockback and only survived because of charge.

Pre-squish ilvl 479 - 132 post.

Keeping “relative power” the same eh? The tmog community is going to love this.


Oh wow, it took you a few more seconds to kill something…

The horror.

However will we manage to survive with you needing roughly 20 more seconds to kill a boss.


You call more than double “a few more” and don’t see how it scales? Nice troll.


Man, you already know this was going to happen. It. Has. Happened. EVERY. Pre-patch!

The power levels aren’t there yet. Once you’re 60 and relatively geared, it’ll be even easier than it was before the pre-patch. Just, give it some time. Or ya know, group up for some content - it is an MMO.


The irony.


It’s still a non-issue.

So what if it takes you an extra 20+ seconds to kill each boss. Can you kill them still? Yes? Then deal with it and get your loot 20 seconds later.

If you couldn’t kill old bosses that you used to. Then there would be a problem.


wow thats lame

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aggramar should get his knockback removed


Being weaker isn’t fun. But to be fair to Blizzard they said this would happen because it will even out once people are 60.


20 seconds longer… you’re kidding right?


And he probably will… sometime during Shadowlands when Blizzard changes Legion raids to make them solo friendly. They’re currently not.

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When devs use the words “same relative power” and don’t deliver, it gets old.


Blizz is not good at math. This is a known fact.


Yep they are planning to do that as they have done in the past. So eventually legion raids will be easily farmed.

Well, I’d say they never get the tuning right off the bat, but this might have something to do with corruptions getting snapped more than actual tuning.

At 479 IL I’d imagine you were neck deep in corruption.


Exactly. It’s always been this way. It takes longer because we’re not max level right now. Why on earth would they balance legacy raids around level 50 when the cap is now level 60? A better comparison here would be taking a lvl 100 into those raids, the time it takes to kill things would be around the same that it is now. Once Shadowlands releases and we’re at level cap again, that time will go back down to what it was yesterday.

It’s always like this for a week or two so I’m not too worried. Then again, I leveled a druid as resto lol.


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I’m actually in favor of Blizzard turning legacy raids into official solo tuned instances akin to Mage Tower.


Happened in Legion too, not going to panic but be ready to no solo some things are until you are level 60

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^ This, my man. You’re comparing end-of-expansion power creep to brand-new-expansion power creep. You just lost CORRUPTIONS and you’re comparing kill times?

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