Legacy Best Personal WoW Moments *Fixed*

Doubt this will get many Reply’s but I wanted to create a nice Thread about your funniest or best WoW moments…

Doing BG Premades - We would all just focus one guy for no apparent reason and spawn camp him/chase him down till he left the BG (many of us were intoxicated I will admit)

Especially in Warsong Gulch… Such good times had by many.


Oh man, where to even begin…

Many fights in Honor Hold and HFP with War Hogs guild WAY back then. We had it down to a schedule and that town was our playground. Ended up making good friends with a couple of the members.

–General STV shenanigans and defending Grom.
–Many fights in Southshore/TM.
–Extended Wintergrasp battles (which I’m sure you remember Leo).
–Molten Front sanctuary line sniping.
–Tol Barad “Kitty Recon Death Squad” with 5 feral druids patrolling the island.
–Bottlenecking tons of mining bots and players in Uldum using nodes as bait
–Krasarang mines daily camping
–Using 2 accounts to bait players into rezzing a dead lowbie on top of the floating islands in HPF, forcing them to GY rez (VERY EVIL, STILL FEEL BAD).
–Typhoon dismounting people in the air
–Naked arena runs
–Solo arena runs
–Blind dungeon running (one person turns off monitor and the team has to guide them over voice chat).
–Logging into guildies accounts and parking their characters in horrible areas.
–Taking our old timer DK guildie out to pvp (who was a senior in his late 60’s), only to find out the entire night he had a Brewfest mug equipped instead of his sword. He was beating the !@#$ out of players the whole night with a beer mug. We called him “The Mugger” after that.

There’s probably dozens, or hell, even hundreds of moments from those days, but those are some that do stand out.

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Iamnatman… Yeah I remember you doing this to me a few times… The Run back from GY was not cool.

Wintergrasp I don’t think it was ever as epic as back in WOTLK those were good times… Remember many of them going down to the wire.

Crushing Blackwater in World PvP with the elite guild of PvP Incorporated. Blackwater never stood a chance and we would crush those noobs all the time.

Ganse why you gotta lie… No such thing happened.

How could you downvote a comment… Plz somone lemme know… and then downvote Ganse plz thx.

Lie? i still got the screenshots and videos bro <3. U’ll always be my B LOL.

Obviously you photoshopped it. It’s okay ganse, It’s good to have goals. And I see no new videos other then the ones we made.

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Going on top of ironforge bank with blackout the shadow priest before flying & killing everyone below

Got hit with a 4 hour ban that I didn’t notice I had until I looked at my email lol

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