Leeway was in Vanilla but (Latency had a part)

Lol how can anyone possibly believe this.

90-140 ms.

Can you find me some rogues that did this in actual vanilla or some real vanilla footage of it happening? I can’t take your word for it.

Where’s your evidence that Blizzard doesn’t know what they’re talking about concerning leeway? Where is your evidence beyond “MUH FEELZ” that leeway is not functioning like it did in Vanilla?

I’ll wait.

Reading is hard, already posted:

The full post has a link to the Blue post in beta.

Maybe it’s a good idea you actually try debating in good faith instead of only picking what you want - this way you can read everything and don’t have to look stupid asking questions already answered.


Confirmation bias is a bad thing.

“we expect for some it might feel different, but it is working as expected.”

You know what else “feels” different in 2019 compared to 2004? Everything.

Gaming peripherals.
Internet quality.
Server stability.

And one hundred other things. You have no argument here, see ya later kid.

Literally spreading misinformation as Blizzard said the mechanic is the same.

Again with the disingenuous arguments, lmfao.

I’m glad you’re backing out this way, though. The cringe. Yikes!

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the state of melee leeway is how they would have experienced the game in 2006

Does not mean what you think it means. They made sure to delineate 2006 for a reason.

This ain’t hard, bro.

You’re fighting for the feeling of Vanilla, which is a fruitless effort because it can’t be like 2004.

We’re living in 2019 son, get with the times. I take it you’re not going to pull out your old 15 inch CRT to get that “feeling” back, are you? What a joke.

You thought you did but you didn’t. I must have really triggered you at some point. I seem to have the ability to turn all the low skill gamers against me by stating facts. It’s a talent.

I’m not fighting for the feel. Look, if English isn’t your first language I get it. But I’m trying to help you understand.

There are more people with low latency now than there were in 2006, so we expect for some it might feel different,

They use the word feel, but he specifically referred to the function of the code as “state” when he delineated 2006 and “feel” for execution. Nothing will “feel” different. What changes is the distance at which targets are able to attack each other thanks to network speeds - as Blizz stated themselves.

I’m trying to help you understand since you’re struggling. If this doesn’t stick then I’m out because either you’re ignorant, don’t speak fluent English enough to understand context or are straight up trolling.

I’m leaning on trolling since you only pick and choose what snippet of a sentence to debate out of context, attack with things completely unrelated to the topic and flat out won’t engage directly.

That’s the bell of a losing argument. It’s futile to keep bashing you over the head with context and critical thinking.

If you haven’t gotten it by now then there’s nothing else anyone can do.

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Look, buddy; if authentic isn’t what you desire, you can choose not to play the video game.

“Some people have better latency so it will feel different for them!”

Some people also have the exact same latency they did in 2006 and so it will feel the same for them. Your confirmation bias is extraordinarily potent. You have 0 chance at getting Blizzard to change this so you should give up and move on with your life.

You might actually be retarded if you can’t comprehend the meaning of that blue post.

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You lost some of that 2.66 yds to latency. If you’d been down at the 20ms average you’d have seen wider ranges.

(From https://www.reddit.com/r/classicwow/comments/c8eg81/to_all_of_those_who_claim_melee_leeway_wasnt_in/)

Yea, but we all have good latency now… hence why leeway is not needed or needs to be adjusted.

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So the fact that the client side has leeway higher than you claimed means nothing? No it does it just ruins your argument. Go ahead and attack the source. I even stated that it was client side and we have no way to know what server side is.

Either way point remains 2.66 yards is hard-coded in the client meaning leeway was most likely larger than .5-1 yards like you claim.

the 2.66 yards is for ppl with high ping. Look at OP post.

Is 2.66 > .5-1 yard? So your claim is wrong either way.

I understand it’s a variable amount your claim is that it only ever gave 1 yard and not more is false tho isn’t it?

That number is what I got because of my personal ms/latency.

Reread my post, it has been fixed.

Oh I know but the definitive statement that that’s all it ever gave is incorrect.

I don’t think I ever got more than a yard either can’t be sure though. I don’t recall every minute detail perfectly but my Latency was pretty low.

Ultimately the lower ms all around and better hardware as well is going to make things like leeway and batching seem worse than we remember. Even if they are the same numerically. Add in the fact that people are more accustomed to faster gameplay now and it becomes more apparent.

Like I used to think EQ wasn’t that bad. I went back to try it after BC and it was bad. Just way to slow. The game didn’t get slower though I just became more accustomed to faster gameplay.