Leech ptr 9.1

I have 92 Leech = 9%, + conduit Hunt’s Exhilaration (+ 3%) the sum is 12% total in Meta 34%, not even with this you can raise your health, I tested it in the patch. The problem is that when you are in pvp situations, in my case the Leech drops to 6% and the gear that gives you Leech bonus does not work, or it is a bug or so Blizzaard wants it, we need to have more Leech to survive and not in % we need on # .
The best option to survive is to use the Leggo Collective Anguish there is no other option
New class Leggo sucks on Arenas
Let’s say goodbye to the 9.1 patch improvements in PVP, All changes are bad

The bonus leech on gear doesn’t work in instanced pvp only abilities talents and enchants

this , and it sucks

DH needs some base leech back tho


We definitely need a boost in our leech or need an on demand healing ability. Our survivability is abysmal. Our damage and utility is also pretty meh. Seems like the only thing DH’s have going for them is mobility.


Why does one need to survive when one can use The Hunt to pretty much single handedly climb their way to 2.4k?

Half of you are even Night Fae, which means half of you are just plain not playing your spec correctly. Two of you don’t even have any pvp rating, yet you’re complaining about pvp. LOL.


if a DH can climb to 2.4k with just the hunt, you would see many more dhs on the ladder lol. Dont need to do rated pvp to see DH defensive wise is trash.

Damn bro you right just hunt lmao hahaha oops it didn’t crit and only hit for 11k, guess I’ll survive ret/war, turbo, rmx, jungle, wmp, walking dead, TSG, or Cupid just by standing around and not being a complete drain on my healers mana because I have zero ways to recover or defend myself since blizzard gutted all DH defensives.

But thanks, will definitely just “hunt to 2.4”

Ps: https://check-pvp.fr/us/Dalaran/Illidari

Go figure you’re some moron hiding on an alt account with zero PvP achievements chirping about DH’s. That’s so BfA S4 of you. If you’re losing solely due to the Hunt, you’re awful. Yeah, sometimes it hits too hard. But it’s a 1.5m CD and you can stop it in so many ways.

Try stopping being awful.


Someone call the police there’s been a murder


So, you’ve got 11k non crit, an on demand 600% Fel Rush, Fel Blade, two hard CC that don’t DR, and even if none of that crits, you’ve just done somewhere between 45-60% of an opponent’s total health, solo. Do you not have a Ret / Feral / Sub or even LOL an HPal in your comp? Because if you do, you just instagibbed someone. Enjoy your 2v3.

Ps: https://check-pvp.fr/us/Dalaran/Lies

There’s my Rogue. The fact I’m not playing DH this xpac doesn’t change the fact that I’m going for R1 and you’re barely over 2k.

Post on your rogue or you’re just linking people. Quick, lemme show Trenacetate’s check PvP and pretend it’s me.

And are you really so stupidly down bad as a rogue that you can’t handle DH when you legit counter them? Like?? Rogues is currently and has been a really big counter to DH. Now, let’s break down your stupidity:

11k not crit 1.5m CD that you can stop from even hitting isn’t even close to being that huge of a damage ability considering one dance rogues, combust, chaos bolt, death bolt, condemn, ret’s entire kit, Doomwinds, and 20k RSK’s exist in this game.

600% felrush on a 20s cooldown. I notice you linked the talent instead of the numbers because hitting a player non-crit for 6k isn’t that impressive on a 20s cd, lol.

Yeah, instant clone on a 45, and a ranged stun. Actually really good for the kit. Not particularly oppressive, but still really good.

And really Felblade is what you’re complaining about? Wow. Thanks. Guess my 4K hitting gap closer must really be making you lose those games into all the DH comps you see at 2.7.

Also you listing feral or sub shows me how boosted you are to know you’re piloted trash. DH/Sub and DH/Feral? Really? DH/Ret can blow someone up but it’s not even as good as DH/Fire, DH/War, or Hero Cleave.

“Omg okay wow haha the DH just casted an interruptible eyebeam (that’s chaos damage so kicking would lock him from hitting the hunt on you) on top of casting an ability that can be stunned on travel, or immuned by literally half my kit, but the hunt is oppressive!”

Go make this stupid hunt complaint post on the arena forums. I dare you. Watch everybody come and call you a boosted, 30iq ape FOTM sub reroll because you’re literally losing to DH as RMX.

Gg moron.

Ps: a like how you can’t break out of duelist for all of BfA but suddenly rogue has one shot gimmicks and now you think you’re R1 quality while unironically complaining about DH as the class that literally hard counters them you complete :gorilla:.


Stuns DR wth are you talking about? You have zero pvp experience go sit in a corner somewhere

And bud why you linking someone else’s account stuff when the original link clearly shows your alts at the bottom of the page and thats not one.


Unfortunately, it’s how it works. tertiary leech from gear doesn’t work in PvP… which is weird because the other tertiaries all do. Speed/avoidance/indestructible all work in PvP. So you might want to put on a SL speed gem and sta/speed cloak (sta/leech one is bad) enchant for arenas and they’ll stack and add to your speed.


If you’re getting 1 shotted from the hunt, you need to stop fighting max level DHs at level 40.

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lol why are you crying so hard about DHs? Rogues counter DH so hard, as a NELF Rogue, I can think of AT LEAST 4 ways you can completely negate the damage of the hunt.

How did you take anything I said to be crying? I told someone whats what and they attempted to call me on it, badly.

You’ll notice the “alts” of this account are all level nothing because this account is used for classic lol. And I’m not talking about 2 stuns. I was talking about all the available cc from any of the specs I listed in my original post that pair with stuns. zzz

all stuns are on the same DR what are you even talking about?

Enjoy learning bro.

Are you suggesting things like cyclone / roots / fear / blind / etc are on the same dr as DH cc? Again, READ. WHAT. I. SAID.

You just got murdered. You should probably uninstall and become a hermit in the mountains.

Its like you don’t remember what you even said bud sooo uuuuhhhh gg there.

Don’t want to take his side cuz he’s wrong about other things, but we do have 2 CCs that don’t DR (stun/imprison)

Meanwhile Rogues have infinity CCs and better burst CDs