League of Legends is killing WoW

I tried guys. I really tried to get my friends into this game, but after slogging through quests and campaign missions and all this nonsense to get max level most of them have quit. A few didn’t even make it to max level saying that it was boring. The few who made it instantly hated the PvP. Their reactions being a mix of “wtf” and silence as they were slaughtered in less than a second by more geared players. This is not how PvP should ever operate.

Then there’s the other big problem. One of my friends looked at the rated bg’s and asked me why the hell he couldn’t queue for it? I told him that Blizzard expects players to meet one another and form a raid for it and you can’t just get matched with people of similar skill. “Why?” He asked me. I still don’t have a good answer and mumbled off some crap trying to defend this game. He didn’t like that answer and saw it as a ridiculous barrier to entry. Imagine League of Legends gated their ranked mode by forming a team. Solo queue ranked is one of the most played modes, while the 5’s mode is almost dead. People don’t play games in groups of 5 blizzard, having 5 people available at all times is a huge luxury that most do not have.

And oh my their responses when I told them M+ is the path to get gear and we needed a full group and couldn’t just queue up was priceless. Not to mention telling them about the M+ timer which they thought was absurd as well(but thats kinda a different topic). I later saw my friend playing League and he told me he quit WoW because he doesn’t have time to mess around making groups and wants to just play a damn game.

I seriously hope Blizzard is looking into this kind of stuff. Queueable content is very important for people with less time or a casual playerbase. You already killed off HotS because LoL was making way more money, and the game is still looking huge while WoW is dwindling. Didn’t they even poach some of your good devs? If Riot makes this rumored MMO and keeps the solo queue philosophy alive this game is going to be finished.


I got your point, but its not only League of Legends per si, its all other games.

Right now, people just play some WoW content, get bored and then play other games, until WoW gets a new patch or something


Well, the new MMO will probably be in 2 years from now. Blizz has some time to come back.

And the new MMO will probably suck or too childish for wow vets.


True, us WoW vets would have a tough time moving away from the gritty, dark realism of WoW for a cartoon kiddy game like LoL MMO.


Two completely different types of games.

That is like saying FPS’s are killing RTS’s

Not everyone is a fan of both.


Actually Superman 64 is killing wow.


They could be if they were friendly to them.

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I thought it was E.T. for the Atari 2600.


I play League for ranked games only and that system is currently broken and boring af so I started playing WOW few months ago.

Instant gameplay. League is better. Long progression, WoW is good.


Wait, League of Legends still exists ?
Haven’t heard anything about that game in years, thought it disappeared like every other WoW-killer over the years.


Cool story, bro. Actually, not that cool a story, but never mind.

If I wanted to play an RTS game, I’d have already done so. I’ve never played Warcraft, I’m unlikely to play LoL. Why should I play a game who’s style I have no interest in?

You can’t make people like WoW, or the MMO environment in general.

But from the way you say “slogging through quests and campaign missions and all this nonsense to get max level” it sounds as if you were incorporating your prejudices about the game to them. Maybe they would have enjoyed it if they played the game without a boost, or a carry, did the quests in their own time, and actually followed some of the story. Those are the strengths of WoW.


League of Legends is also killing League of Legends, so this problem should eventually sort itself out.


Some of us are tired of people from the “larger gaming sphere” trying to force this game to become a MoBA/FPS from the other perspective.

The issues with PvP as a whole are a part of that.
RPGs are not esports.


Is it that time of year for “X is/will kill WoW”?


ET: Atari 2600 is killing WoW and LoL.



Blizzard is a business. No one cares about you. They need to follow trends and make money. Solo queue stuff is where its at.


Calls people addicts…

Promotes a game that still in the Vaporware stage of development.

Two different games, in two different genres, with two totally different player bases… is being compared to each other? What are they teaching in schools these days?


this company itself will probably kill WoW
the more people that hate this company now, the less people will bother playing a game from them because what’s the point, in the end they are only hurting themselves and becoming more hated.


The problem is the mentality of the “big wigs”. A new patch won’t save this game unless it is good. So far this expansion is (IMO) the worst one yet for many reasons. If Blizz can make professions meaningful again, make the map layouts not a piece of trash, give us world quests that are worth the effort, adequate gear drops, expand covenants to be something more than just being a stupid spell or transmog, make old content soloable again (legion crap), and give equal attention to all aspects of the game (PvP, PvE, pet battles, whatever else there is), then they have something in their favor.


I’m not the one comparing a MOBA to a MMO thou… I’m also not the one promoting a MMO that is still in the Vaporware stage of development. Oh Riot has legends in the MMO genre working on it? Yeah so did Tabula Rasa, Richard Garriot, and that game sunk shortly after going live.

Also… just remember… Riot Games has some issues still to deal with…