Layers and Character Creation Adjustments on Select Realms

Stormwind is now a barren wasteland due to layering, thanks Blizzard, this is exactly what i wanted with classic coming back…

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So what does that mean exactly for people who want to transfer characters over? Is it completely locked out?

This is exactly what they did. Take Whitemane for example. Queues were hitting 7+ hours at peak times and would start as early as 12 servertime. They were late on transfers to the server, but eventually stopped them. Then they offered free transfers off, no one took them (they have the data and is mentioned in the other post). Their only option is to allow layers which they have.

You guys should transfer to Old Blanchy. We have cookies!

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You can fix that yourself
Roll alliance
Make your whole guild roll alliance

Become the solution

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All I can say is I told you so. All the tech from retail, crz, layering, scaling, coming to a wow classic near you soon.


Hmm… it already did at launch.

They just turned some of it on again because of a weird barely noticeable thing that is impacting the entire globe…

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Even here that’s your valid excuse? kinda funny

Hmm… why is it not a valid excuse, please explain.

Except you can not say
CRBG existed in vanilla in 1.12
phased/sharded zones did not and do not now and would not.
Read blue post thoroughly.

Scaling does not exist in classic, did not exist in vanilla, and has 0 indication that anyone including the janitor has even considered it.

Layering did not exist, had a specific reason for temporarily existing
and has a specific reason which you are choosing to ignore for being RELUCTANTLY reused now.

I thought only little girls liked being drama queens?

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Naw, I like dressing my digital barbies in transmog too.


I think that is our explanation?

i refuse to click that LOL

multiboxers make up a very small minority of your server population

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You only said they were “detrimental” to other players but never elaborated further.

What are they doing that is so bad?

multiboxers prevent other players (humans) from playing the game merely by principle. this and they also disproportionately inflate gold due to their efficiency at farming and the instinctive measure to hoard raw materials. multiboxing also allows one player to defeat one player by means of paying more money.

non provable claim

Yup. People think making that #change will clear up the queues. Never going to happen.

Sorry. You mean well but transfers, as many of us watched closely, didnt solve anything.

Kudos for avoiding the disastrous suggestion to raise pop caps, though.

Layers are working: consequences are completely overblown, as they were in the golden era of Classic during p1