Layers and Character Creation Adjustments on Select Realms

Itll be fine. Bots suck but are a teeeeny tiny aspect of the issue. Like smaller than gnomes even.

In 2019 maybe lol. Faerlina in a much different place now.

Thanks so much blizzard! logging in to no queue instead of a 2 hour wait at 2:30pm is a very welcome change. Going to enjoy raiding going back to normal!

This is GREAT. No more sitting in queue for an hour and a half and missing raids. No more logging in 2 hours before raid only to AFK and remote desktop to keep my character active so I can raid. THANK YOU! Glad there are double the resources as well. Makes thing MORE AFFORDABLE!!


How dare they not foresee a pandemic! LIARS!!!11

my guild had issues running bwl because people couldnt log in for raid time without a 2 hour plus que

you guys should really not listen to anything the community complains about. just follow the guidelines pointed out by basic logic and conscious awareness and you will be just fine

This. 100%.

Thank goodness. Grobb is more than full.


Awesome, if you leave then that’s one person less, one less reason for layering.

Doing my part.

Thank you Blizzard. Taking action to reduce or eliminate 4-6 hr Que times was essential. Is layering perfect, no but it lets the vast majority of us play the game rather than sit and wait for the Que to empty. Will it affect the economy of the game, maybe a little. Will it be life shattering, no! Is world pvp ruined, of course not. I played several matches in AV and never noticed a problem. Except for the 2 hr wait for that. Never even noticed layering was present until a guild mate mentioned it in game this afternoon. What it means is that my life can begin to return to normal. I will be able to log out and then come back after dinner and play the game I enjoy without a 4-6 hr wait just to log in. For all the complaining and whining that is going on you would think TSHTF/zombie apocalypse had arrived! 60 Mage Whitemane.

Not gonna pretend I didnt uhh… losen my collar in nervousness yesterday when I was playing my level 9 Warlock on Pagle at the massive number of people leveling… Thats a LOT of damn people for a server that was already up to 2 hour queues. I was starting to worry a bit.

But stopping people from rolling there unless they already have chars should stop the population explosion. I feel bad for the 2nd largest PvE server though, because Pagle is the ONLY PvE server big enough to be locked, so whoever is second gets all the refugees now looking for a big server. I think its Mankrik.

Good luck bois.

We have the real world on lockdown, and now WoW servers too lol

Layering should have been the last option you chose to implement.

Here’s what should happen:

  1. When a server reaches the “Full” designation - Restrict new players and character transfers
  2. When the queue time exceeds 30 minutes during peak hours - Allow free transfers off the server
  3. When steps 1 and 2 don’t solve the queue times - Continue them, and Layering at peak times

Blizzard - A happy player base and a better game experience will lead to more subscriptions and money compared to a smaller, unhappier player base paying for microtransactions. Just look at WoW’s subscription numbers over time until that sinks in. Thanks.

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Step 1 and 2 did not resolve the issue, pointless to continue with step 2 when no one will do it.

The players on the affected realms seem to have a majority that are very happy to be able to log in and play even if it entailed using layering.

You are not one any of those realms, so you dont have a dog in this pony show.

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and stalagg remains an awful, completely unbalanced 99% horde pvp server thanks for nothing.

So if I already had a character on arugal why cant i move a character from a different realm to it so i can have all my characters in the same realm
I understand that if someone new wanted to move there they would be blocked

Blame the sweaty honor farmers. They destroyed the server in phase 2, running the alliance off. And now they have transferred off chasing servers with more alliance for WPVP, that they ruined on their home turf.

Stalagg is probably a somewhat peaceful server now, most of the sweat has probably left. I know my server got about 4 guilds from there, all horde side. The native horde population doesn’t even like them.

There’s nothing so permanent as a temporary program.